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House Atreides Campaign

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It's indeed a hard one. Try to build many turrets in the beginning. Like this

Build barracks/factory/windtraps/refinery(ies) and outpost. And then start building turrets until you have enough of them to block the enemy. Then you can start building the high tech buildings. For those are not so nessicary in the beginning

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The one with the trap? It's mission 7. I 'm there right now... 5 rocket turrets at strategic places, and a few siege tanks + the starting units is enough to stop the first 2 hark attacks... build some more tanks for the third attack. By then, you should have finished your base. (not enough room for my ix center

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One mistake I often made was build lots of tanks and just hammer then against the enemy base and watch them die. Escort 10 troopers to the base and take out the turrets guarding the entrence before moving in your tanks.

I never really used the sonic tanks...I think they kind of suck.

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I remember now I started at the bottom left corner and Sardaukar kept on attacking. I have it on another computer.

Atreides Mission: This one

Harkonnen Mission: The one after defending the outpost, the Ordos attack too swiftly!

Ordos Mission: Capture a Starport to get an MCV and harvest about...a lot of cash I know...

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