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House Atreides Campaign

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I know that one. That's was the most diffecult if you ask me. It's certainly no shame if you get stuck there I think. But you don't want to know that.

You have to stand and hold the first 3 attack from the Harkonnen, then you'll probbebly make it if you have a base and some units left. I builded a lot of turrets to attack de def's and a lot of soldiers to attack the tanks from behind. You get a attack from the left, the units are placed there by carryalls. You can destroy that entire army with about 15-20 units ( soldiers, if you use them good ). The attacks from above you have to keep away with the rocket and gun turrets you've build and the units. Standing asside and when the enemy units are close enough attack them from asside.

If you build engeneers you can send them via the left side to the top and confescate the spaceport and some other buildings. But be warned becouse you get a counterstrike right away.

( Don't build 2 refinery's in the beginning, this is a sign for the Hark's to attack. They will wait  ( not mutch ) a while if you have just 1 and they don't attack the harvester untill you are out of units. )

Harvest to the right of where you start ( if you start left or in the middel ), the Harkonnen attack mostly from the top.

Good luck :)

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Do you mean that mission from free the fremen by capturing the barracks.

Build lots of engineers, move them to the west and move upwards to the barracks. In the meanwhile attack the base in front with your other units.

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I remember many missions except one with a trap.


I think you don't mean the last one (just sell all buildings from the small base and concentrate at the larger one)

If you mean 8 (the last - 1) then you must build many many turrets with siege tanks behind....

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First you get the funeral plain. The intro tells you that it's a holy place for the Fremen and you have to get it back from the Harkonnen. If you get passed that level you get a briefing that tells you there is just one harkonnen base left and they are retreating. The level starts and after 6 minutes or so you get the lines "Harkonnen not retreatin, it's a trap !" displayed on your screen and the attack begins. 3 Carryalls drop troops to your left ( Harkonnen and Sardaukar ) and Def's start roling to your base from above. Quit enoying.

At least that's the one I think we are talking about ?

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