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The most non-seen vechicles


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Engies capture buildings in middle of base. And if you have engies too, even if they catch factory and you saw it early, they don`t have time to use it. And usually player see that sth wrong is when he see not blue unit that should be his.

I had too captured con yard but it was in late game and I didn`t need it so much. I saw this when I wanted build turret.

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- Theilaxu Walker

- Theilaxu Transport

- Sandcrawlers

- Yaks

- Guild NIAP flyer

Bet none of you have seen them save in the campaigns ;D.

Are there a model of a Yak there?

The units that not is used often are:

Atreides APC (Engeneer rushers use them)

Ordos APC

Harkonnen Inkvine

Ix Slave

And i never knew this one existed (im a modder so i edited it to a unit):

tleilaxu/ix scientist

Never played that map

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