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Guest Kull Wuhad !

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Guest Kull Wuhad !

Question : Is it possible to deal with both the Ix and the Tleilaxu at the same time? Is it possible to deal with all subhouses?

Usually when I try to form an alliance with the Tleilax it angers the Sadaukar or the Fremen because the Tleilaxu are stealing their corpses and it angers the Ix because well they're competitors.

If you ally yourself with the Tleilaxu, will you then be allowed to ally with the Guild?

If you're allied with the Tleilaxu does the game end differently? Since we know the Guild and the Tleilax are conspiring to create the emperor worm.

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You can't ally with the guild.

It is possible, but incredibly difficult to ally with all 4 subhouses (I think it's only possible with the Ords), and you'll have to select certain missions in a certain order.

The Tleilaxu break allience with you in the last mission.  Alyying with them is really more of a hinderence than a help, since everyone hates them and their units aren't all that good (Contaminaters suck!).

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