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how do i take over ordos' city?

Guest arcie misa

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Guest arcie misa

:-[ how do i take over the city of ordos after destroying

its capital? im having a hard time..as always i lost a lot

of units and i suffer also when this s--t chaos lightning

strikes! i spent 3 long hours still not finding a way out

of this! help me fellow emperor players!

by the way,i'm using Harkonnen....and why still cant i

get to build a palace when i already finished that copec-

gunseng level?

can u pls also help me how to use my starport?

thanx...and i wait for ur help..

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hmm..... i finished the mission vs. atreides homeworld with mostly 1 missile tank.... (kicks azz vs. minotaurus when it has reached level 2 or higher cuz of regeneration) and i also tried gunships in that one..... DON'T USE GUNSHIPS... god.... *incoming hawk strike* aaaaaargh.... i see 6 of my 10 gunships just fly out of the map :'(.... then i got devastators..... hahahaha..... the comp tried it once...... the deva's were so fuckin slow they couldn't reach the border hahahah

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just make Devestators, Sardaukars, and gunships to take em out. Then use the death hand to kill buildings that produce new units and structures.

Send Devestators to assult the base, Use sardakars to kill AA troops and Kill each other against Shielded APC (Dont worry, its worth it), the send it a huge army of gunships, 6 or more. Then you win

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