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Fremen and Tleilaxu


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Do you think Tleilaxu can work with the Harkonnen and the Fremen?

Well yeah they don't have much use against the enemy. But the way players play, their Harvesters are really important to them. I used to take 3 leeches and 3 kobras and let them sit on a spice field, and my enemy came. His Harvies were leeched and he was irritated.  ;)

However why do people think Tleilaxu are useless? Took 8 Leeches and destroyed a Base (actually just the Construction Yard). producing 8 Leeches I had about 30 when i had won the game.   ;D

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Leeches are so easely countered and are weak.

Atreides players will just use their repair vehicle and Ordos can just blast the darn thing off and self-repair after that.

Against Harkonnen it might be more effective...

Still, Contaminator SUCK so you need to upgrade your building even to get to the leech. I use mainly Fremen and Ix since they have very good units and both of each house CAN become very important.

Always use Fedaykin ofcource but if the opponent also does build warriors since they are immune to Fedaykin.

Same thing as Projections, they can sure come in handy if the opponennt is unprepared and projected las tanks against Ordos is kewl. ;D And I always use a few Infiltrators since it breaks the morale of my enemy and he needs to protect himself against them.

If my opponent allies with the Guild I place Fedaykin all over the place in my base... Perhaps he will never build a Niab tank anyway but he still forced me to do what I normally wouldn't do... That's power & control.

*/heares his mind voice saying: stop talking crap!!*

Anyway, about the leeches, they are not that bad but there are simpelly way better subhouses to use.

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Leeches are irritating all right but then it's true they're just not worth allying with the Tlielaxu for. The only thing the Contaminators are good for is blocking the way of enemy infantry. Of course, I'm not saying that's not useful but then walls are better. And before you say that contaminators are mobile I'd just like to state that they're simply not worth the price. If you are going to say that Makers suck too much so the Guild sucks that's not true, they can drive worms away and kill infantry - and of course the NIAB is way better than the leech.

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But its terrible play against AI that use Tleilaxu. Too much little annoying attacks with one or two leeches. ;)

Fremen and Ix or Sards with them are best choice but if you know hpow effective use Tleilaxu you can choose them to piss enemy (human) off. Leeches can be very helpful with attack as disturbing units (enemy must take engies or shot to own vehicles instead your units).

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