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  1. Atreides movies are B.O.R.I.N.G. They are way to "un-evil". ;D House Harkonnen has the best story line by far. However The Executrix is the coolest person in the game. Expecially House Ordos' "ending" ... uh I mean your end is wicked! To bad they cut out the real hartplug scene. You can download it somewhere and it's very bloody. It's a shame WW had to take it out just because some puny kidz play this game to! ;D
  2. Haha another one like me. As Atreides, I also played ALL missions AND defended them till only the two enemy homeworlds were open. In total that's more then 35 missions!!! :O :O :O While playing I already thought what a crap game since the defence missions are boring and the attack missions beyond the 5th are also nothing special. G0d D@//||! >:( :-/ >:( Hell! This way I can also make a game with a huge map and claim to have very much single player missions. Stupid WW. >:(
  3. Indeed, but the guide says it is only AA. A bit strange indeed...
  4. Hhmmm... Most people say that you need to escort Mino's with Mongoose's. Is this only for AA or also other things? I find Mongoose personally way to slow for the "ability" they have. Personally I use Air Drones as AA defence and offence. It's works great, attack when you don't need them. They are phucked up fast anyway.
  5. Yeah whatever... ??? Ofcource the scale is not correct. Just think a marine is as strong as an Infantry unit. Then you can compare the units... But this thread is complete bullsjit anyway. ;D
  6. Hhmmm, somehow I get the feeling Edric O thinks Emperor o//ns. ;D But seriously, ALL the units of Starcraft (=> Terrans, Zerg & Protos) are WAY more versatile the the (sub-)houses of Dune. For example: In Emperor all houses build their buildings normally like the others while in starcraft: -Terrans need to stay and complete the building. -Zerg will lose their builder when it transforms into a building. -And one Protos can start countless buildings and they will finish without further help. I seriously think that the starcraft units would spank E:BFD's bottom big time because they allow you to get the best of the best units combined. And ofcource you can do much more sneaky tactics and your opponent needs to protect himself against that. Most units in Emperor are the same and attack head on. Don't get me wrong, I like Emperor way more ofcource but I miss the "Special Abilities/Spells" (Like Zerg burrowing - transforming -
  7. Starcraft has much more powerful (Faster, also AA, stronger defence & offence, etc...) air units if I remember correctly. And most units in Emperor have crap AA. Do yer math. :)
  8. True, I never understanded why Fedaykin are immune to sonics anywayz... If you can't hear the sound won't mean you can't get destroyed by it. But then again, how on earth can an infantry unit resist more tank bullets then a vehicle! :-/ Guess this is the only way to include "strategy" in a game.
  9. Phyrex


    :O :O :O :O OMG! :O :O :O :O "The most disgusting part of the Baron is probably the fact that he is an extremely Homosexual person." I am certainly not gay but if I met you I would smack you in the face! ;D I think however that you didn't mean it that way and just try to say the Baron himself is looking discusting... You better change the sentence though.
  10. Shai-Hulud is that HUGE worm that you cannot kill and comes out of nothing.
  11. Well I think WW's opinion was: "A harvester brings back quickly 700 credits and you can get another refinery (+Harvester & Carryall) for only 1500"!. Ofcource it's true they are all cheap and such, a few harvesters/carryalls destroyed is no disaster but the problem is that 3 Atreides Air Drones for example will wreck all incomming carryalls, not even time to respond quickly enough and all the stupid carryalls don't even care they get annihilated and just fly towards de enemy. ??? You can however select the path from a refinery where the harvesters should go to...
  12. Yes, in close up a devasators "knees" are really ugly! What were they thinking at WW! Do they have some 6 year old kiddo designer there or something? ::)
  13. Evilbaronatreides, some things are worse then ch33ting. Taking over someones base with a stealthy Atreides APC is just cruel! ;D
  14. "Worm Strike as superweapon"... Damn, it would be cool (read: overpowered) if you can summon a Shai-Hulud! Yer whole attack force whiped out! Whoehoo! :D
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