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Infantry rush

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Guest mAzteRofDizAsteR
I do hate those real rushers that just set their waypiont from their factory to my base and build Buzzsaws like hell when we start with 30k credits...

I however useally only play games with 10k begin credits so it's not really effective then...

Buzzies only cost 350..... :P

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Guest empfreak

I agree that rushing is certainly a good way to win a game quick, but I also think it kicks the beauty out of the game, since real strategies have no name in it.

U simply build much units fast and rush to the enemy base. What is the beauty in that?

Have ppl forgotten how to fight a good battle by outsmarting enemies and simply better tactics?

I should almost think so.

But for the ppl who love a good battle, don't lose ur hopes, bec there are ppl who do love real battles, and I'm certainly one of them. I play the game cause I love strategy, and not to quickly gain poins to move up the ladder. Rushers usually don't know any other ways to win a battle, that's why they come hard and fast. I have countered countless rushed and turned them into victory, simply because the enemy had fixed all his energy to win the battle with one big rush. After I turned the rush, I could walk with all ease to the base and begin destroying it.

My advise is to occupy key areas with small passways where the enemy can't pass with all his units at once, and occupy them right at the start, so that the enemy doesn't show up in ur base right away. I have mastered the countertactics to hold off loads of enemies with just a few units, wich have proven useful, if used correctly and with a good sense of strategy. And if ure able to last that long, keep some ix and fedaykin handy, they can do a lot of preparing damage for u.

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