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How to defend a missile?

Guest Johnny

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* Sends a chaos lightning on American Nucler Weapon arsenal*

* Splashes bushe's head with a las gun*

* Borrows a buzzah from the Harkonnen...*

* ou can hear screams and American explicit language out of the great hall*

Be wisely brave

           -  Ordos saying...

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Wow, I totally forgotten about the site to this post of mine and haven't check it out since I posted it weeks ago.  Anyway, I'm glad there are many replies.

Does anyone know of a good and working trainer for this version of Battle for Dune?  I just wish there is a good trainer like the one for Dune 2K, which lets me enable/disable each house individually and it works to perfection for those that may not have the good strategic mind to win the game on his/her own.

As far as Death Hand missile from Harkonnen and Confusion Lightning from Ordos are concerned, we have to just live with it and continue building units/buildings that are killed or destroyed by them.

I played countless numbers of times before I was able to go out and destroy their Palace to disable their massive destruction weapons.  It's always a challenge.

Thanks for all the replies...

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Or, by extension, any superweapon.

In the first: attempt to curb the enemy's scouting efforts... if they can't find your base, they can't use a superweapon on it.  Second, disperse your buildings, have backup structures if possible; thirdly, avoid having clumps of units hang around for extended periods (there are few things as embarrassing as someone targeting your laser tank task force with Chaos Lightning or Hawk Strike...)

Third, recall that palaces are a significant expense; something that requires a stable economy to build.  Ideally, you want your enemies spending their time and money replacing lost harvesters/units instead of climbing the tech tree.

Okay, now let's say they already have a palace up and running.  If you haven't already, bring a task force to their doorstep and try to cut the power... in addition to stopping the weapon timer, that also takes the high-end turrets offline... and, if you're feeling gutsy enough, capture the offending structure.

And if that didn't stop the launch... well, that's where the aforementioned precautions come in.

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