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If Feyd had killed Paul...


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My guess is that it's Aramsham the Sardaukar Captain.

Ah, him. ;)

Buzzkill! People are honestly trying to have an intelligent Dune discussion here! :P

::) I think there's a Pink Floyd lyric that's relevant in this situation. ;)

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Can't remember if Rabban or Ashram are there, I think so. Maybe Lady Fenring and Jessica too?

I believe Rabban was dead already (although I may be confusing the plot of the book with the miniseries). I need to reread the books.

Yeah, there's no way Feyd would have lived even if Paul had been killed, and I doubt very much would have changed in the long run. The genetic line would have been a little different (was Chani preggo yet? I don't think so), so maybe Leto II wouldn't have come to power, but overall.... yeah.

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(If you mean was she pregnant with Leto II & Ghanima yet, no, not for another 12 years or so: they're born at the end of Dune Messiah. And their first child, the first Leto II, had already been killed by the Sardaukar.)

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If Paul was killed then the Freman would get medieval on Feye, the Baron and everyone's asses for killing their beloved new leader.


As in Wreye? Have you ever considered how much Dune is like King Kong?! Yes! The Fremen are the natives who share an intimate relationship with an incomprehensible and overwhelming force of nature! Kong is the worm or even the desert (or, alternately, with his animalistic lust for beautiful young thangs, the Baron H). Yeah, that's it!

It's a pity that THE BARON WAS ALREADY DEAD ALREADY DAMMIT, because he probably would have enjoyed someone "getting medieval" on his bumbums.

(Don't the Germans have a saying something like "Wie die Frage, so die Antwort"? The answer befits the question? With your answer this thread has finally come into its own!)

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