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Atriedies v The guild & Teiliux I need some help !


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hi thanks in advance for reading this  i am on the last level trying to destroy that emperor worm and i'm rubbish so i was hoping to get your help and experince at this level what to do and how to do it im fine for the first bit the fremen go and show where the guild's emperor worm is but they attack it and then get killed ok then i build my base then i send out a hole hord of minos and repair vechiles they get wiped out by ordos war fac with those men and vechiles  but then i keep and try to wear them down but then the guild come in and kick me into one million pieces go and attack me by then it's alive ! so i need help for what to do for attack and defence so plx help me and what sub house did you find the most useful and what might help me P.S i got Houses ix , fremen , sards to help me and and last thing i've only had it for a while so all help is greatful ! thx

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Well let's see.

You need to take out the base of the Harkonnen first. Since when you destroyed them, there is only 1 acces to your base. Use your projector (the one from the start) to project Mino's to crush the Harkonnen base. You can also project their Launchers or Sonic Tanks (do you start with them?) Whil doing that, build up your base, and build many snipers + kindjal. Place them on the anti-infantery rocks in your base, and especially the one near the cliff where all Tleilaxu Living Turrets are standing on. Destroy them first. What can be done easily with projections or Mongooses. Now comes the fun part, when you have taken out all Harkonnen and only the entrance is left, with kindjals deployed on that infantery rock, your defense is very stable. Always have backup.

Your kindjals will become very experienced, and when they are level 3, upgrade you barracks. So you get better Kindjals (and Snipers, when sending Snipers back) 8). Then for the attack, place sonic Tanks near the Emperor Worm with Adv Carryalls. And kill the Worm! A safe route to fly is first to the northeast, and then to the worm. But look out for Turrets.

Good luck!

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Here we go again?

Timenn's solution is a basically sound one; however, I wish to add a couple of pointers...

  • IIRC, you start with some elite infantry units... do not send them to the front line; rather, place and upgrade your barracks, then recycle the lot.
  • When the opportunity presents itself, capture the Harkonnen base. Build a Harkonnen MCV (set their factory as the primary structure, then build an MCV) so you can then construct their hangar and supplement your defenses with ADPs.
  • Fedaykin are very handy, especially if placed in ambush, along with scouts, along the enemy routes of approach. If you manage them carefully, you can even sic them on the worm - remember to move immediately after each volley so as to avoid an enemy response.
  • With NIAB tanks being in play, interior defense is just as important: groups of Sardaukar and kindjal next to your key buildings, along with turrets, help nicely. Reference is recommended to Thoxen's Crushing Guild - A Guide to Better Bases.

I hope these tips help you out...

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