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  1. Sardaukar benifits from hit points while the Fremen benifits from cloaking divices. Both enables then to live long er than the average soldier.(duh) ::) I see some people belittle the cloaking device. Do not underestimate it, bacause many Freman can decloak all at once and take you by surprise. The average Sardaukar is excellent in taking out infantry. Normal hollow-points can't kill them in one shot. The Sard Commanders are not all that good in taking out infantry, except the knife. They dish out more damage simply cause they've got better HP.
  2. Contaminators are not good alone, but is a great support unit. If you face say, a group of ten infantry, a group of cantaminators of the same cost can usually prevail, if you can somehow get them to go faster. That's why they're worst with Harks because thye lack a transaport. Stealth APCs are great with contaminators.
  3. "When it's poison used against you, you also use poison." If you are desperate, then YOU should also use the Ix, allied with ordos. Try it. Figure out the quirks...
  4. :'( I feel sorry for the contaminators-everybody hates them. They do, however, give you an economic advantage. They cost expensive...but what if you turn one of your cheap infantry into a contaminator? Face it. at least they are better than the scout. They are good against Harkonnen, since many Hark soldiers are almost as slow, and they usually can't kill a contaminator in one shot.
  5. Also, use the projectors to project leeches, then attack one of your own bikes to get to build your own leeches.
  6. I want to share some unit quirks (you might already know them), and then you can decide what's best for yourself. 1) Fedakins finre a weaker version of sonic beam, but they can cloak, are cheaper, rides worms, etc. More cost-effective than the sonics. 2) Projecters can give you an extra sub house. First choose anything but Tileaxu, then use project enemy leeches and contaminaters, then attack you own disposiable unit before the projection goes away, and you now have Tileaxu units. 3) Sonic-based weapons do more damage to large units: the waves pass thru the unit, the longer it stays in the unit, the more damage. 4) Deviated missile tks are not as painful, because they attack only one unit at a time. Sonics are usually at the frone lines, and they will fire at the units at the back to do lots of damage you.
  7. The Tileaxu lacks an anti-bulding unit. Maybe the Walker(appears in a Atr-Ix mission) would be a good idea. It works like infiltrators, without the cloaking but stronger.
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