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Strat against Hark Stronghold

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You start out with a Fremen base at the top left.  Sell it and move the units to defend your base.  Build a refinery, then a factory.  Then que 4 Mongeese.  One will be built by the time the gunships arrive.  They'll fight the Mongoose, by the time the mongoose is destroyed your harvester is back.  The comp will attack your buildings and be unprepared when your new mongeese begin to destroy them.  After that build a Fremen Camp or three for faster building.  Upgrade it and the refinery.  Build a second refinery and fully upgrade it.  Use all the reinforcements you get to hold off any enemy attacks.  by the time the devestator column is most of the way towards your base use the thirty-ish Fedaykin you have built to take them out.  Now make sure guard mode is off the Fedaykin.  Slowly move through the enemy base taking out only what you need until you reach the construction yard.  Destroy it, the Factory, the Hangar, and the Barracks.  Then take out the aa turrets.  Use some air drones to knock out the three ADPs.  Now airlift in some sonics, minos, and a mongoose or two.  Congratulations, the Harkonnen Stronghold is yours.

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