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  1. True enought, but it had a bit more action and movement to the whole book than CoD in my opinion.
  2. I've read all the books including the preludes and every one was great, by my terms. Some were better than others but all were very well written I think. Oh well. One mans trash is anothers treasure.
  3. I'd have to say CoD is my least favorite although it was still very good. Dune Messiah was close behind it thought. Although I'm not saying their not good books. I have read all of them, encluding the three preludes (and the "Hunting Harkonnens" short storie "handout") and all of them are great books and amazingly well writen.
  4. Same here. I too loaded an old game and wiped them out with only a few Fedaykins.
  5. A little of the topic but anyway: What is a stone burner? ??? It is mentioned in the books a few times but never goes into detail. (All though I've only read Dune, Dune Messih, and I'm half way through House Atreides) As far as I know it is so sort of Primitive atomic device that create a substantual amount of radiation.
  6. I've tried all the settings and nothing works. When I lower the hardware acceleration the square goes away and the graphic problems go away but the games becomes so choppy it's unplayable. >:(
  7. Ok, I just bought the game but I'm having problems. >:( First off when I play the trainning mode there is this black box in the upper lefthand corner of my screen. I block a good amount of the screen and won't go away. Second, my game keeps freezing. I tried what it says in the manual but, every time I lower the Hardware acceleration it just becomes really choppy. Please somebody help because I'm on the verge of a friggin nervous breakdown!!! >:(
  8. Hey. I downloaded PhotoSuite and a few others. I can finally make cameos. ;D Thanks again. While on the topic I would like to ask a few more questions. 1)How do you add the new cameos? 2)How (if possible) can I convert cameos from other games (ex: dune, Ra2 ....) to Emerpor. Thanks ;D
  9. Thanks Fordo. As I type this I'm downloading a version. ;D Thank a ton. ;D
  10. Thanks. Sorry, I meant for Emperor. Nema i found the files but I don't have a program to edit them. :'( Could anybody point me towards a downloadable editor (if one exsists). Thanks again.
  11. Ok, I kinda a newbie at MoDing. How exactly do you create a new camo.(Like what kinda programs are good for it and where can I find them)
  12. What do you mean you can't do anything to the scout. ??? I've MoDed the rules several times, many times toying with the scout and Emp alway works for me.
  13. If it isn't the map packer your version of Emperor may be outdated. Make sure your version is 1.9 (or is it 1.09) because if it isn't it won't run your map.
  14. Hey, Jacob. How exactly do you change the turret or basicly the units looks. Do I need a voxel editor or just to play around with the Art files. If I do need a voxel editor could someone point me towards one cause I've had a hard time finding one. Thankx 8)
  15. Ok, when you sell any building you recieve half of what you paid for. But when you sell a refinery you recieve less than half for it. This shows that some thing wasn't sold (your harvester) to recieve your total amount of money that you would normally get back.
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