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How do I change my colour to red in Emperor battle for dune Skirmish


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Well, since the first A.i. always gets red, It's means I have to play harkonnen with another colour. But quite simply, Harkonnen are too damn awesome to play as any other colour than red. So i'd appreciate it if someone could tell me how to get it.

I don't think there is a way to change your color to red... Well that's at least what the besat FAQ I could find said... Well... If u hack the game it's possible but that would be hard unless you already know how to...  :-)

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Here is how you do it:


1.) First download the artini.txt file here: http://forum.dune2k.com/files/file/538-artinitxt/


2.) Now, inside your "DATA" file... create a folder named: "MODEL" then put the artini.txt file inside.


3.) Open up the artini.txt file and you will see a bunch of shit. scroll to the right and look at the very top line.


 - You should see something like:


Side (0);
 Recolor (0,133, 226);   
 Side (1);
 Recolor  (175,36,22);


 Side (2);
 Recolor (146,253,202);
 Side (3);
 Recolor (255,121,25);


 Side (4);
 Recolor (64,255,0);  
 Side (5);
 Recolor (127,72,189);


 Side (6);
 Recolor (255,240,106); 
 Side (7);
 Recolor (255,163,224);


By default, you are "Side (0); Recolor (0,133, 226);" Which of course is the color blue. The COMPUTER by default is  "Side (1); Recolor (175,36,22);" Which is the color RED.

Simply switch the two Recolors like this:


Side (0); Recolor (175,36,22);

Side (1); Recolor (0,133, 226);


NOW... Save the file and YOU WILL be red IF you choose blue. I've discovered that you can modify which color the computer should be by default.

I personally made the computer: Side (1); Recolor (255,163,224);


DUE NOTE:  ((The Color Pink is side Side (7); Recolor (255,163,224);))


Now, all I have to do, is select pink as MY color. When the game starts, I will be RED, and the computer will be PINK.

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