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  1. I believe that you need a strong defense in order to successfully win an Atreides game in multiplayer and/or skirmish. Here is how to set one up: *I will not include building wind traps. Wind traps should be built every time energy is too low. First of all, deploy your MCV right away and build a wind trap. Then build your barracks and THEN a refinery. While the refinery is being built, train three snipers, five light infantry and a scout. send the scout to explore the map and the enemy base(s). Once the refinery is done, wait for the spice harvester to unload the first time, as it will give you 700 Solaris. With that money, build a machinegun post close to you construction yard. That will keep it safe from enemy engineers and saboteurs for now. Then fully upgrade your refinery. Find the entrance(s) to your base and distribute the snipers and infantry among them. After you have around 3000 Solaris, build a factory and start producing Mongoose. After you have around five Mongoose, distribute those five and upgrade your factory. When the upgrade is done, make as many Minotaur as there are entrances to your base. Make five Kindjal for every entrance to your base. Now, place those Kindjals to key positions along the entrances and deploy them so that they will use their RPG instead of their pistol, which is much more effective, obviously. Place walls reaching from your con-yard to each entrance so that you can build turrets there. After the walls are built, build an outpost. Put two m-gun turrets and two rocket turrets at each entrance. Now make an extra refinery and fully upgrade it. Spice and cash should be flowing in now. This is how you set up a basic defense when fighting with the Atreides. If you think I am wrong, please contact me at EmperorBlog@aol.com . From here on you can go in any order you
  2. I think the best way to stop that group would be to just deploy some fedaykin and summon worms. Once you have at least one worm start eating them up...... Mongooses and an airstrike to divert the attention would be nice too.... But then again, don't listen to me...
  3. I don't think there is a way to change your color to red... Well that's at least what the besat FAQ I could find said... Well... If u hack the game it's possible but that would be hard unless you already know how to... :-)
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