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  1. Good News, It is possible to add a 6th subhouse, and yes I know how to make a 6th sub house. My abilities are not yet adept but what i have worked out at the moment is pretty promising. As i said, I know exactly what is missing from tags Sub6 and Sub7 (6th and 7th house, they must be listed in 6 locations) but i am yet to be able to assemble the correct code needed in all locations. At the moment, I am able to replace on the Players Skirmish Subhouse list 1 and 2, "Team None" to fully a working Subhouse 6 but with removal of option of having no subhouse. I know this works because when i apply Sub6 to both Lists i may only select it on one list like all other subhouses, it may not be selected twice, I can also apply it to just one list allowing no subhouse to be selected on list 2. i can also assign unique units to this house, but again, at the moment the icon that is displayed in Skirmish menu is the same as 'None'. Allocation of a new icon .tga sits in the exe aswell. so maybe i can work here aswell as i would like to keep the option of no subhouse, but this at moment seems tricky. I cannot get my new subhouse replacements to list at all in the A.I team. It just selects no subhouse and can be selected twice, but like i said, i know what to change, but i need to work out how. anyway just wanted to update. it seems a lil confusing. it is. Work In Progress, I hope to add the Choam with an advanced refinery and harvester. but we will see. I am limited at the moment, But it was easy to crack, took a few days, but i am understanding more each time. Hopefully i can get it up to quality scratch sometime soon. Il post screens of how it works in OllyDbg too.
  2. dont want to get hopes up Athansios since your my only watcher, But i think i may be close to having a Subhouse 6, I found tags for a 6th and 7th subhouse not yet utlizied within the Game.exe as well as many other interesting things. I have tools to safely edit .exes and will see if i can pull some luck from it. Its reassuring to note, that there actually is enough space for a 6th icon next to the A.I subhouse icons on Skirmish mode. The button may float outside the box when player selects however. But never the less. Il give it a smash and keep you updated. Ordos Starport Selection on Homeworld Maps. Icon variates from SMRaider. Overall Ordos has -1 unit available in starport, Harkonen and Atreides vehicles fill up all slots, but ordos has an additional infantry unit. In picture above ordos starport is missing -3 units, Dust Scout, Harvester, Carryall. The additional Infantry; Ordos Saboteur, is also now Stealthed when Still to promote more of its usage in game. Atreides Trike Cost: 300 Speed: 12 Health: 1200 Ability: Increased Speed on Sand +2 Ordos Raider Cost: 287 Speed: 14 (as fast as AT Trike on sand, always) Health: 1150 Ability: Increased Speed on Rock Surfaces +2 (Making it Faster than SMRaider, Thus Fastest unit in Game) Ordos Dust Scout Cost: 350 Speed: 14 Health: 1100 Ability: Hides in Dust Bowls Harkonnen Buzzsaw Cost: 350 Speed: 8 Health: 1300 Ability: Tears up Spice Feilds Smugglers Raider Cost: 250 (think of it like 400 health is equal to 100 cost because 1200/300 = 400, So -50 cost = -200 health) Speed: 14 (As fast as ATTrike on Sand Always, No Rock Bonus) Health: 1000 Ability: N/A, Price rises and falls as low (as 190 at times) Sacrifice Tactical use for Tactical Purchase.
  3. The Original Ordos Raider, Its reassertion into the Ordos military comes with the reintroduction of the ex technology's manufactured by the Smugglers, The Smugglers Raider is a Cheap and Fast reconnaissance vehicle available to order from the Starport. For the Ordos, the Smugglers Raider is unavailble to order via starport however, instead they have reinstated the original Ordos Raider from back in 2000, which like its Smugglers counterpart is the fastest Trike in the game but also with +15% hitpoints and can be constructed at the factory with a minor cost increase of +15%. This eliminates the usage of Dust Scouts on Non-Arrakis Maps so like Harvesters and Carryalls they will be unavailable on homeworld battles. Icon Differs to One in Image
  4. The House of Ix Ixian Scientist's (Engineers) flee from destroyed structures, Third Unique Unit: Ixian Technitions (Stealth Engineers). A.I Major AI changes, Ordos uses more weaponry, Army's may reach much larger sizes, up to 6 aircraft at a time.All AI Launches worthwhile base attacks that increase in strength and change in tactic as tech level rises, Better Cliff defense, Canyon Patrols, Base Defenses. AI Builds more Base Defenses and prioritises Manufacture, Builds all buildings much faster, Plays more like human player, Tactics have larger random differences for example minunits=3 maxunits=15. Side Specific AI utilizes more sucsessful tactics, A.I uses smugglers units as first wave units. AI builds base faster, Correctly uses Contaminators vs Infantry and trains alot more of them, Uses TLMobile Flesh Vat, AI Guards base with Niabs also, Niab Teleport Attacks can reach much higher unit numbers. Ix AI uses projectors more often, for anti-infantry also, Ix sends more infiltrators, Ix sends Technitions without APC. ORAPC more readily used by AI, ORDeviator more readily used by AI, Carryalls will carry Kobras and ORAPCS, Ordos uses higher numbers of saboteurs when attacking, All Infantry Feild Teams may reach higher numbers. Harkonen make good use of Troopers, All Sides use Generals. MANY MANY MORE, SO MANY I TRY TO REMEMBER. Music Dune2000 music themes reintroduced (well the ones that fit), Emperor music is EPIC, the Dune2000 music brings it back down to a calm feel. Harkonnen, Ordos, Atreidies all have some unique tracks from dune2000 although also share a few.
  5. Ordos Original Smelter Icon with Tweaks (Only grey version existed before) Ordos Advanced Wind Trap Original Icon Colours (Only grey version existed before) All Sides get Advanced Wind Trap with Upgraded Conyard + Quality Icons. Either Small Windtraps or Advanced Windtraps can be used to unlock early tier structures like, Refinery, Barracks, Factory, making their use more tactic friendly. Tleilaxu Queen, Tleilaxu's Additional Unit, Deploys into a Working Fleshvat. Tleilaxu (Units and Buildings self heal)Level 1 - Flesh Vat, ContaminatorLevel 2 - Leech, Mobile Flesh Vat Sardaukar (Infantry more resistent to Storms)Level 1 - Sardaukar Barracks, Sardaukar WarriorLevel 2 - Imperial Sardaukar, Sardaukar General Fremen (Buildings place on Sand)Level 1 - Freman Camp, Fremen WarriorLevel 2 - Freman Outpost, Fedayken Guild (Units repulsive to Worms)Level 1 - Guild Palace, Guild MakerLevel 2 - Guild Pyramid, Niab Tank Ixian (Ixian Engineers Flee Structures)Level 1 - Ixian Res Center, InfiltratorLevel 2 - Ixian Seizmic Detector, Ixian Projector SmugglersStarport: Smugglers Quad, Smugglers Raider, Smugglers Combat Tank Side Additions,All Sides Receive Advanced Wind Traps(double power), Smelters(production rate) and Generals (Starport Infantry).
  6. Hard AI's attacking using a variety of tier units also projecting. Atreides AI (who was attacking me's base. + Updated Icons for Old School Units in Sidebar
  7. Ordos Raider (Possibly Avail from Starport as Smuggler Unit Reskinned, Possible Replacement for Ordos Dust Scout, Dust Scout Model would then become a Tleilaxu Unit, Or Perhaps just Scrap Ordos Raider Completely, Early Stages) Idea's? Thoughts? Imperial Sardaukar (Bonus- Infantry cant be picked up by storms)- Sarduakar Warrior (Heavy Infantry, Armed with a heavy machine gun)- Sardaukar Elite (Elite Infantry armed with AT Laser and a Knife)- Sardaukar General (Tactical Infantry, Good vs Tanks Air and Infantry, Long Train Time) The Fremen (Bonus- Structures build on Sand and Rock)-Fremen Outpost (Expansion Structure, Allows for further Construction Radius)-Fremen Warrior (A Stealth Warrior armed with a Sniper)-Fremen Fedaykin (A Stealth Worm Rider armed with a Sonic Weapon) Guild of Navigators (Bonus- Units repulsive to Worms)-Guild Pyramid (Provides Superior Power Levels whilst consuming less Space also Saving Spice and Build Time)-Guild Maker (Good Support Unit, Deals area damage)-Guild Niab Tank (Can Teleport across map, Armed with a positive energy weapon) House of Ix (Bonus- Ix Scientists (engineer) flee from destroyed Buildings)-Ixian Suboid (Weak, Cheap, Close Range, Good vs Buildings, Ai's Cannon Fodder)-Ixian Infilrator (Stealth Sabotage Unit, Detonates when close to enemy)-Ixian Projector (Can duplicate units, Armed with an Anti-Infantry Gun) The Tleilaxu (Bonus- Units/Structures Self Heal)-Tleilaxu Contaminator (Can Mutate Enemy Units into itself)-Tleilaxu Leech (Infects Enemy Vehicles to birth more leeches)-Tleilaxu Dust Hopper (Spits Poison that burns through Skin, Hides in Dust Bowls) The Smugglers (Bonus- Available to all houses from Starport)-Smugglers Raider (15% Faster than AT Trike, 15% Weaker, 15% Cheaper, -15% Turn Rate) -Smugglers Rocket Quad (Anti Air Quad, Good Speed, Nice Weapon, Low Armor)-Smugglers Combat Tank (Good Medium Tank, 15% Faster Than HK Assault Tank, 15% Cheaper but more vulnerable to infantry) As for the Raider Trike, If Given to The Smugglers, The Smugglers would then be providing the availability of units and technology outdated back from dune 2000. This is a cool Idea i think as all smugglers units are cheaper lighter and weaker alternatives to new age house units. As Starport prices Rise and Fall, House Units cost will Rise whilst Smugglers Units will Fall, This is designed to alternate throughout the game, Forcing the player to make use of smugglers units or house units in relation to cost. Sometimes Smugglers units will be cheaper than house units, Other times house units may equal to the cost of smugglers units and other times smugglers units may be higher than house units. Another idea perhaps is to give the Raider to Ordos (of whom it was originally back in 2000 and ensure that the Tleilaxu will re-introduce the dust scout concept as in sub-house brainstorm above) Vehicles ORDOS-Dust Scout (Un-Arm and Void Ordos Infantry Scout?)-Raider (Fastest, Weakest, Cheapest)-Laser Tank -A.P.C-Kobra-Deviator ATREIDIES-Trike -Mongoose-A.P.C-Repair Drone-Minotaurus-Sonic Tank HARKONEN-Buzzsaw-Assault Tank-Flame Tank-Missile Tank-Ink Vine-Devastator P.s Spice is not Green, It is Guild Map. Just a terrain type
  8. AI Reinforcement Values have been set for many new and original units, this allows ai to have more of a choice with selection of units to use in specific situations, It tells the ai which units are advanced, and those with the same level are of equivalence to each other and the ai will choose one of the units that are listed with the same Reinforcement Value, So we start to see AI mixing a variety of units in defense and attack tactics. Sophisticated Harkonen Defense Sophisticated Ordos Defense Sophisticated Atreides Defense
  9. they seem to work now. I am going to caption them, so those who have seen, re-read
  10. Misc Changes - All Tracked Units including (Kobra, Assault Tank, Sonic Tank, A.P.C, Inkvine Catapult, SM Tank etc), excluding (Flame Tank, RepairVehicle) have decreased TurnRate : 0.075 (from 0.175) for realistic ground vehicle maneuvers. Two Legged Mech Units such as (Devastator, Minotaurus) also have turn rate of 0.05 (from 0.15) for realistic maneuvers. "Basically" -1 Rate of turn for all Units except, Buzzsaw, Trike, Dustscout, Harvester, Flame Tank, Repair Vehicle. Hover Units and Mongoose need no Balance Modification for they can move in Any Direction. Ixian Dome Removed due to Bugs on Non-Arrakis Maps. Tleilaxu Mandible Removed -Ideally i would like to find a way to get the Tleilaxu Leech to hide in dust bowls, Like Dust Scout. If anybody can help in such a way, That would be great.
  11. Ordos General, Avail from Starport, Gains Six Veterancy Levels.
  12. Harkonen General, Avail from Starport, Gains Six Veterancy Levels
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