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Help me plz!


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Yes: build up your base, and use deployed Kobras along cliff edges instead of turrets. Block off your entrances with double walls and deploy Kobras behind them. Keep some AA troopers in your base to counter against air attacks. Utilise speed: hit and run with deviators, then bring in laser tanks and massed dust scouts to support the deviated units. Continue to deviate, then flee if the battle is turning against you, outrunning the enemy.

SUB-HOUSES: Ix and Fremen, because you can destroy whole enemy bases with infiltrators (con yard, then factory, starport and barracks), hit and run with fedaykin and fedaykin projections and generally do a hell of a lot of damage. USE STEALTH AND SPEED!

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Ordos must be played with skill like the Harks. if u play like Atreides (the kiddy mino rush that always wins) wont get u anywhere.

deployed kobras miss often.

undeployed kobras NEVER miss.

laser tanks never miss

apcs are good against Air units

Dust Scouts - get them hidden in dust bowls

deviators should be used against slow units. dont take chances against a running sand bike. dont keep them near infantry either.

EITS are expensive, powerful but useless against Harks

AA Mines take Atreides down too easily, and the ADPs cant stand it too

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My ordos defence.


MO=Mortar infantry

LT=Laser Tank

AA=AA trooper

DS=Dust scout

CT=Chemical turret

PT=Pop-up turret


AM=AA mine

First, have CT's and PT's scattered at the cliffs, along with KO's and MO's.

Have AA's just a little forward of the CT's, PT's...

Then LT's. Then AP's. Then DS's. Have AM's in top of it all.







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base building I build a factory and then worry about ym spice as I pump out kobras.  I deploy the kobras alongt he rim of my base, after my first refinery is up build a second windtrap, then make a barracks and support your kobras with AA troopers due to arial attacks, then just sit back and build las tanks untill you have a ton and rush the enemy in a classic tank rush, works on comps most of the time.

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for Defense:

Put some Kobra's in a row by the entrances. And Deviators, for the slow units. Use there units to stop there own attack :)

And you must have also al reserve-force of Laser-Tanks.

for Attack:

Laser-Tanks are good but pathetic against infantery, so send some anti-infantery with them (chem inf)

And ally with the Sardaukar(is very soon possilble) a squad of 20 will crush any single unit

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I think I'm starting to get the Ords more now.  Always attack with las tanks (they kick ass against the harks!).  Use hit-and-run tactics to lure units out of their bases to their doom.  Either ambush them with kobras or use the las tank's speed and range to destroy them.  Then walk into their base unopposed and clean up.  I don't know how well this works against humans, but it works wonders against the stupid computer.

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all of u underestimate many Ordos units

Laser tanks need lots of micromanagement, but letting them stand alone is good enough ;D

Dust scouts have one of the best Anti Infantry weapons

Chemical Troopers rock

AA Troopers are actually better than the hark trooper

the hark engineer is better than ordos engineer (despite the excellent speed)

Ordos has the best scouts

Mortarmen rule in anti infantry as well. sit them on lower ground and those pesky snipers cant reach em!

when used with skill, the Saboteur is your most deadly weapon

Ordos APCs are excellent AA, a MUST for every Ordos base defence, and sit them on your spice field too

Kobras are deadly, deploy them when your opponent is attacking, my 8 kobras took out like 15 assault tanks and like 5-6 missile tanks when they attacked me once

EITS rush works at times, but never use against the harks

AA Mines are awesome, send them to hunt down the ADPs that were so hard to kill

Ordos has the best advanced carryall with good speed and self-healing


Commander of All

Seeker of Peace

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