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attack skill of ordos (in ground)


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1. keep grouping your unit so u can control unit easily.

2. if the emany just have a less number..let rush and got them all.

3 .you  can grouping your team with guild NIBA tank so that can be effective for spice and atreides mino.

4 .if u vs spice.use leech to let your enemy out of fund and u can got more leech.


5 .kobra attack skill are:


-->=attack way

G=a group of your unit

E=a group of enemy

                   k k k k k


                   e e e e e          <-------- G

while u set all kobra at their attack range.they will start attack their enemy ,and enemy will starting attack back

(or run if he feel danger).then use your G now too got them all.

(u can also use some fermen sniper for your kobra to against ferman fedy.)

more information: u can also set the kobra out of their attack range(also out of enemy attack range)when enemy attack your kobra(normally will be mino),use G to kill them.

6.if sardauker laser infantry near by your shield unit...run!!!!!!!!

7. if enemy are a swarm of mino.about 5-6.use the

unit to near the mino.after they fire this unit...u can got about 2-3 mino if u have about 7 laser tank and some guild.

8. a thing that u need to always do:use your speed.

thats all skill that i that now..more comming...(might be..)

i do that for house ordos! ;D

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Additional points:

1> Regeneration - don't be afraid to run and hide to heal, then come back

2> Micromanagement - Ordos vehicles need a lot of attention for maximum effectiveness, especially the Laser Tank

3> Veterancy - Ordos vehicles have a relatively easy time getting veterancy, and they need it!

4> Rally points - have secure positions for your vehicles to run and hide in. Preferably use Kobras and a mix of infantry.

5> Saboteurs - don't be afraid to use them. They can be devastating if they pull that cord at the correct moment. Highly effective at quickly destroying windtrap farms.

6> Have engineers around handy. They can be used for defence as well as capturing buildings.

7> Dig dust scouts to amass a large force without being spotted.

8> Always use scouts to check out a spot before you set up your formation there. Keep those scouts around that formation and your base to watch for Infiltrators and Fremen.

9> Also watch out for Projections of Laser weapons - these are expendable to the enemy yet can wipe out shielded formations effortlessly. Get your scouts close to them to remove this threat.

Anything else that I've missed?

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