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Dune2K - High Resolution


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Really great work.

Regarding resource files, I can take a look. I have a partially complete R16 editor, that may give me enough data to isolate the assets.

I've created a UI patch for the MainMenu, which makes (only) the main menu look ok at 1024 resolution. Really this is just an example of what UIL changes could be made.

Note that this UI patch assumes you already have the Mission Select patch, if you don't have it, make sure to install it before the UI patch.

http://forum.dune2k.com/public/style_images/infinite_dark/attachicon.gif 20130307205819477.png

http://forum.dune2k.com/public/style_images/infinite_dark/attachicon.gif 1024MainMenuUIL.zip

Edit: my guess is the file is in UIBB, which seems to be in a different format to most the other resource files. Magic Team's R8 editor has some success loading the file, but looking at the binary it doesn't look like their editor fully supports it, my own R8/R16 editor doesn't work with UIBB.

Menu looks great!

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Excellent work here, seriously!


I struggled with the blitting routines as i *had* no graphics background, and always got stuck for days working out what was going on.


I have a IDA Pro database with a lot of stuff named, mostly function names and static members, but your welcome to it if you like, just PM me and ill send it over. :)

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Haven't thought that people would play the high res version even with the glitches. I have written a patch which creates a workaround till a proper fix is done to the UI. The workaround removes the glitches, adds a black side bar and removes top bar. The patch also allows you to setup any resolution supported by your hardware.

Usage: Dune2000-hrpatch.exe -w X- h Y --workaround

If --workaround switch is provided you get minimalistic UI as already mentioned and need to use hotkeys for the missing buttons and ESC for the menu. Otherwise original UI settings are used.

I.e. "-w 1980 -h 1080 --workaround" looks like attached image. Patch is attached as well.

As Gruntlord6 mentioned, someone (who knows Dune resources) should try to extend the top bar to appropriate resolution. If i.e. width 1024 then the equation is:

TopBarWidth = ResoltuoinWidth(1024) - OptionButtonWidth - MoneyCounterWidth - LeftSideBarWidth;

The problem with the invisible buttons is related to this issue. From the looks of it the constants (x and y) for the buttons are either taken from the UI resources (read width from file and displace button coordinates for mouse/drawing) or the constant are directly hardwired in the assembly instructions which is even worth from a programming point of view. If someone can try the resource thing it would sure shed some light on this.

What about asking the author of C&C95 1.06?

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Basically, they outsourced it. 

Yep Dune 2000 was created by Intelligent Games under supervision from Westwood. Westwood essentially handled production management and some of the overarching technical direction. Some of the technology used in Dune 2000 is Westwood's own, for example the VQA v2 format (FMVs) and AUD audio format which was used by Dune 2000 and also like you say Westwood's own C&C95 and RA95. However, as far as I'm aware (from my limited look at those C&C games) that's about the only technologies shared. There might be a couple of other things, but they're completely different engines.

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I just started playing this game again, built myself an "oldgames" computer running XP


First google search for high res patch i find this place :)


When i saw first post was in 2008, i was like.. damn, probably dead.


But no, it's 2013 and you're still going strong, and it's GREAT :D


i'm going to test the 1024x768 mode later, but it looks really nice.


So anyways, just wanted to say thanks, and keep up the good work :)

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