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  1. Corrections: E9820 8002 640 width ? ; Window widthE9824 9824 9368 ? ; Window height (should not be 9824, something wrong you copy pasted)E9828 8002 640 game width ; Draw area widthE982C 9001 400 game height ; Draw area height (in vanilla draw area height is always 400 scanlines, whereas window can be 400 or 480. ; In 480 it's a letterbox mode out of performance reasons i guess, i.e. 80 scanlines less to blit).
  2. Already 50 downloads from D2K+, nice.
  3. I know. There are 2 executables so not entirly clear what is what. An info on what each does would be great. I.e. the DAT patcher bla bla ..., you will get high res with that but the UI would look wrong, bla bla ...
  4. Ok great. All 1.06 should work then without problems and you could update the description of the patch. Sorry i was a bit vague about what your script does since it does a lot and i had not much time to write. Maybe we should summerize that in the readme.
  5. Ok moved cash box 10 pixel right. THe DAT pacther checks the size first, if it's ok it moves on to check the checksum. If the test passes for vanilla US or Subhouse fix then you can be sure it's it. German .DAT is not working since the size is smaller hence the data/code offset is patched in wrong. I tested with the DAT provided by eulerischeZahl and it's not working. dat_patcher_1.1.zip
  6. Yes thats for Sardaukar to add to the zip. The DAT patcher changes the resoltuion and fixes the crashes/tooltips/ etc. Sardaukars script changes the UIL files so they fit the new resolution. Just wait till Sardaukar updates the zip file.
  7. The patch automatically removes unsupported resolutions (those with glitches). Updated DAT patcher to check for sub house checksum. dat_patcher_1.1.zip
  8. Nice. *The patch allows you to choose from 10 resolutions. Please read the readme files carefully, and also the notes below.* Not necessarily 10, might be more or less then, any number. The patch checks automatically how many resolutions your monitor supports.
  9. Try the DAT patcher as in this post: http://forum.dune2k.com/topic/19636-dune2k-high-resolution/?p=381581
  10. I can include the subhouse node checksum as well so it always passes the test. Since people use that it might be more appropriate to relax the checksum check. :)
  11. It checks the individual bytes. If size differs it's obviously a different file. Ignore it then. Anyone else having checksum problems on vanilla 1.06 US? EDIT: Did you try it with dat_patcher or with the script from D2k Sardaukar? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Checksum
  12. No idea how that fits together. Can you isolate the high res patch? I.e. try only the DAT patcher without UIL changes: dat_patcher_1.1.exe -w 1024 -h 768
  13. I highly doubt it's my DAT patcher. Previous merge of .DAT and subhouse fix worked just fine although was already a while ago. Unplayable in what way?
  14. Works here (i tested it of course before releasing but wanted to doublechek anyways). Checksum test will fail if even one single bit (one bit !) is different then in the original .DAT from d2k106us.
  15. Should work if you do this. try: ...except: # Any exception will be caught here ask for inputIf you you have specific exception handlers then the WindowsError might go unhandled. The except: should be at the very end of the try: block.EDIT: Give it as an option. I like the tiles on smaller maps and i am sure many do.
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