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Second Landsraad Tournament


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like i said before, im not worried about qm sets, i would play the best of the best at qm and prolly win, like spaze said, it would be unfair, ten k sounds good. lets get this more organized and have some good games, recorded games will not be a problem, noone is going to lie about if they won or lost, i mean were all adults here shouldn't be a problem. as far as the three day period, that should work well players play at wierd times maybe you can get ingame tells or message on the boards to when you will be playing.

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I was just sayin, little QM would make it interesting. But spicy what I was getting at is like you said, you have a pre determined BO wish takes out the originality out of the match. Throw some new setts into the mix see who's the best then.

Who will overcome when its a different situation and they can't just use the same BO, pump out as many of these certain units not hit 0 and win since its already pre planned. But its chill I'm down with 10k, fine with me dint really care just puttin in the 2 cents

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nice comment dark thats what i like in old goldies like your self ...

i respect what you said about playing free style but pre set bos are used wildly

i would play free style with some players but at some cases taking the time to think

will do you in man...  i mean some players will start sending you the ords little spiders

like if oblivion  gates are opened and here only ure routine moves can save you by building what

you memories and send it with control shift and you might get fucking lucky

i donno man maybe ure better than me and thats only my level and some players calls me blind

and i could be tricked somtimes with some fast air action but when my hark bulls are on the run and i start opening a straight line in the sand  everyone here knows what spicy can send to your base ...

but to come now and tell me to spice to build i tell u it cant be done i know haw to spice to rush

and to make my base produce money before the 10k are over but i dont know haw to spice to build

a base like the single players games its possible but not in the  time left before the tour

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guys stop telling me haw easy to get a game its 1 am here and 0 players was the server status

all day.. i mean even kaleem gave it up

Well it would help if I knew what 1am here is? (Try GMT) I generally play after work which these days is 2am to 4am BUT i also play or am available in the daytime on my days off which is generally Weds & Thurs and kids are at school, wife at work so i can play 10am to 3pm.

Just IM me if I'm on Fed2k or MSN.

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man i dont need practice with 10k , all i need is to re tune my bo ..

ill open single player on skirmish put fisher and 1 single ords ai on easy

so i wont see its face soon ,,, and i sit by my self for hours adjusting

building orders and spice flow.. like i used to do when i started ..

i always come up inventing a good machine..  then i test by putting 8 ai"s on hard or

trying to find a game online ...

ill rank  good in this tour.. in 8 position or 9

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i works... but if pearlmans will join the tournament than i will try join the tournament. pearlmans is my favourite player... pearl will won or not, he is my champion... an nyeong pearl...

respect to the best polite... respect to pearl....

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