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The "I hate weather" thread.


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It's gloriously rainy and stormy today; just walked about a block outside and am soaked head to foot. Gigantic thunderstorms is one thing I really miss quite a bit from living down south, and today is just awesome.

I hear Hurricane Earl might become something of a problem soon.... Intrigued :)

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Thanks for mentioning the hurricane. It is headed directly for me. Probably won't have hurricane status when it hits, but will still have lots of wind and rain. With trees still having leaves on them, that means lots of tree damage. Hmm, they are saying 130km/h winds when it hits here. That is very bad news.

Supposed to hit Saturday day/night.


has lots of charts and stuff. According to that it will be category 1 hurricane when it lands :(

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Current conditions:

32 Celsius, 40 with humidex. I had to stop working outside as it was too hot.

Hurricane supposed to land at early Saturday morning as a Hurricane. :( It moved westward so most likely gonna slam Atlantic Canada. Yarmouth is on direct path, so will be in trouble.

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So it started Raining Friday, and won't stop until tonight, then showers until wednesday.

Rainfall warning. Got 11mm Friday, 50mm yesterday, 10-15mm today, 10mm tonight.

I wouldn't be surprised if some areas in region get 150-200m within a week. Everything is wet.

This rain has been coming from all the way down past Florida. One long line of it going straight over us.


According to Environment Canada, the heaviest rains fell in New Brunswick, with 291 millimetres recorded in Mechanic Settlement, southwest of Moncton.

291mm in a couple days. Normally get around 100mm each month.

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Thankfully it did not snow on the day that I picked my wife up from the airport.


It waited.



...to f up my day today... :(

Actually, it did snow yesterday and today. So far it's been around 6 inches at just below freezing temperatures. It hasn't really messed up my day, but I'm distrustful of it all the same. I can just imagine my adviser being, like, "Hmm... I have his thesis, or I can hit the slopes... Thesis or slopes?"

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Rainfall Warning - probably 40mm

Storm surge Warning - really sucks, already had a bad storm surge that damaged coastal properties couple weeks ago. and they didn't even have a storm surge warning out for that.

Wind Warning - 90+km/h winds

Gonna be a crappy couple days starting tomorrow.

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After work went to check on waterfront. Looked like high tide and no large waves because wind not blowing directly on shore. That is good I thought. So I get home and check tide schedule and it was low tide. Low tide at the moment is 1.20 m, and high tide at 10pm tonight is 2.16 m.

Crap. add another meter to where I saw the tide, even with no wave action should flood a bit.

Other parts of province are getting hammered with flooding.

Storm prompts warning for eastern N.B..

I'm pretty sure as I left work today I saw/heard a tree fall in the woods.

Weird weather we've been having.


oh, power outage from 3:30AM to 6:50AM. sporadic power flicker / outages all day. Just had a power flicker shortly before this edit.

Many wharfs are under water and road closures.

Apparently storm center has intensified a bit off the coast.

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