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Dune: Arrakeen Wars - Its almost ready!


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thanks for the ideas.

we're talking about these ideas internally.

just another thing: subhouses.

we want to keep the 5 subhouses from emperor and probably add some more. have you ideas which subhouses could that be? and what units these subhouses should get? and what is the relation with other houses und subhouses? would be nice if you have some ideas and could help us.

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You can make some kind of smugglers sub house. This side could utilize previous games weaponry (from Dune 2 or Dune 2000). It could make a good retro effect into DAW. Their units could be slow without any Hi-End weaponry (Just some quads, trikes a siege tank with design from previous games)

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Richese: Stealth, miniaturisation, and mass production.

Smugglers: (as above poster) cheap, retro, basic.

Ecaz: Bioligical weapons.  There were many poisons from Ecaz.

Moritani:  I don't know.  Some kind of brute force weapons I guess.

Hagal: Again, not sure, but in my mod for Emperor I gave them advanced laser weapons due to the Hagal crystals mentioned in the books.

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Uh... just some request @ Dunenewt: Can you please stop posting using this font? It's kind of hard to read on high res displays, I always have to zoom in to read your posts. :/

You don't have to stop if you don't want to, but really, it's a bit annoying. >.<'

Oh, and I'm using red on the pics because I think it's better to see where the housecolor will be.

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Why do people use custom fonts or colours anyway? It sure doesn't make you look smarter. I usually recognise people from their avatars anyway.

Trust a Belgian to be boring.

Anyway, I plugged this mod in a recent news item.

From their site:

Drei Haupth

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                      Suggested Infantry List:


        - (Atredies Harkonnen Ordos) Scout. Has a combat knife, is wearing camoflauge, very hard for the enemy to spot, some how made easier for you to see. Can see very far. All scouts are part of the house's main infantry grunt force ranks.

        - (Atredies) Legionnare (Infantry). Is quick to react to enemy units & threats. Equipped with a highly accurate automatic assault rifle, attached with a bayonette. The Legionnare fires controlled bursts at distanced enemies, and when confronted he will stab the enemy with the attached bayonet. Secondary weapon (deploy or press a special ability button to switch) is a Long Sword to kill enemies almost instantly, but the enemies need to be right in front of him. The rifle cannot expelle amunition when his shield is activated.

          Unike House Harkonnen & House Ordos, House Atredie's dedicated anti-armo & anti-air infantry unit require the Barracks to be upgraded. To help out Atredies infantry forces defend themselves against early vehicle attacks, the Atredies Legionnare, when promoted to Elite rank, gains a grenade launcher attachment for his assault rifle.

          The Legionnare's morale is highest when groupped with multiple legionnares, especially elite ones. All promoted Legionnares can enter the Atredies Barracks to train all Legionnares produced from that barracks to the promoted unit's ranking.

        - (Harkonnen) Conscript: Cheaper, usually slower than Atredies Legionnare (There is a randome chance that a produced Conscript is as fast as the Legionnare, and tougher in battle than normal Conscripts), equipped with a rapid unaccurete machine gun, attached with a bayonete. Secondary weapon is a long sword.

            Conscript morale is low compared to the Legionnares. Ranked conscripts will inflict brutal command over lesser ranked conscripts, increasing morale temporarly. Some Conscripts, when close to death, can go into a berserker killing rage/frenzy, increasing attack power and rate of fire until they are dead or have killed every enemy unit.

I've got a load of other ideas.


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The Harkonnen Conscript replaces the Harkonnen Light Infnatry. The Atredies Legionnare replaces the Atreides Infantry.

The Ordos has the Toxic Trooper to rival the Legionnare & Conscript (The Toxic Trooper replaces the Chemical Trooper).

The Toxin Trooper, like almost all infantry, is equipped with a shield. He is armed with a futuristic mp5 equivilant rapid firing gun. Has smaller bullet spray radius than the Conscript and Legionnare. When in front of an enemy infantry unit, the Toxic Trooper will use the mp5 as a club, striking out with it quickley. The mp5 is very effective against infantry, with the Toxic Trooper's precision firing. Morale is usually not a problem for Toxin Troopers, their moral is moderate, and only decreases alot when you're low on credits. Elite Toxin Trooper's mp5 gets toxic chemical gas filled bullets. Instead of having a sword for it's melee weapon, the Toxin Trooper's secondary weapon is a forearm mounted sprayer, sraying toxic chemical gases stored in a small tank on the trooper's back; the gas materializes quite fast, and kills very fast, although it is useless against most vehicles. 

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Well, I've got Kane's Wrath now, just to play this mod, so it better be worth it :P

uhh... since there is no kw sdk planned by ea we and all the other modder cannot change to kw... for now you could have waited for buy kw...

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Well...at least I can play the RA3 Beta now :P

Anyway, I can still play normal TW inserting the TW disc can't I?  Even with KW installed.

yes you can. and ra3 beta is also a nice thing (the reasen besides modding why I buyed a copy of kw...)

Also, did you get my message?

uh.. which message!? oO

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2 <b>ccgx</b> & <b>shmafoozius</b>

So how work is coming, we haven’t seen any new screens long time.

Maybe you can show us something interesting (a new render or something else).

you won't see anything until our next news who will come... soon.

but we're still working on the mod, but work got some slow down. sadly slowdowns are normal :/

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