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  1. Secret (; cant say anything on that, but we have a somewhat unique solution for this (; we are far away from any beta...
  2. basicly its a missile launcher, but we want to go away from that boring generic naming scheme. for the skystriker we wanted to go away from a generic, and get a more special, new look. We dont just recreate dune2/k nor emperor (; We will update the info when we introduce the unit. some ideas, but that comes with balancing. It's written into our nice gameplay document (; to bad. :/ doesnt look that bad for your wishes (; again balancing... Thanks for your input!
  3. Uh yeah, we are still alive. http://rstg.net/dcir8 http://rstg.net/dws-actf
  4. Can you imagine a Dune game without lasguns? I cant (;
  5. Latest News posted! Go get them! I know you want them! ^^ http://rockstorm-games.net/dws/news/deep-cover-intelligence-reports-planet-arrakis-5th-month-of-observations/
  6. We are planing to have a camera which changes the view angle if you zoom in. if the cam is just above the ground, you will see the horizon. maybe we also implement a freeview camera mode we also have some plans on the weapons (;
  7. Officially we started on the 1st january 2010, but we had some preparations at the end of 2009. uff, tough question. graphic-wise we want to compete with currently avaible, or even currently in development RTS-games. we want to have a great detail in our presentation. you can already get an idea of that when you are look at the 2 units we already showed to the public. I think your "unreal plus emperor" is a good target. we want to have high quality graphics and want to give you the feeling you are in the dune universe, no matter on which planet you are currently fighting. gameplay-wise, we dont target to copy emperor or any previous dune RTS. we want that you feel home playing it, but we also will add some new features. we are creating a gameplay with the idea "Arrakis isnt a kindergarten" in mind. side dish, for the whole team. some are working, some are studying, we are creating this whole thing in our spare time.
  8. FYI. http://rockstorm-games.net/dws/news/deep-cover-intelligence-reports-planet-arrakis-4th-month-of-observations/
  9. yeah, but I cant answer the balancing question and the technical questions yet. besides that, he asked a question about the worm which I answered, and he asked about a demo, a thing which I cant and wont approve or deny yet. We are still not any close to balancing or thinking about releasing playable stuff. So no answer is the best I can give.
  10. http://rockstorm-games.net/dws/dev-blog/concept-art/ new dev blog! too much questions, most of them I cant or just dont want to answer now (; the worm will be in the game, as good as we can translate this concept to a 3d model (;
  11. WORMSIGN! http://rockstorm-games.net/dws/news/wormsign/
  12. We just made the Top 100 in the 2010 Indie Game of the Year award competition, now people can vote for the Top 10. Please go vote for us, we're in the Upcomming section in the Real Time Strategy category. You can vote once from any computer or web-enabled device you have, so log on and have at it! http://www.indiedb.com/events/2010-indie-of-the-year-awards/top100
  13. Unit page on our website. FAQ on our website.
  14. sure. but first, we have to get to this point. it takes some time to build a game from ground up. or at least the gameplay part...
  15. Ok, starting a proper thread for this. Here is our latest news, could really come to your frontpage again (; http://rockstorm-games.net/dws/news/deep-cover-intelligence-reports-planet-arrakis-3rd-month-of-observations/ And yes, we are still searching for new team members.
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