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  1. sry, had that window already opened for several minutes ^^
  2. Another small update http://www.moddb.com/mods/dune-arrakian-wars/news/daw-news-update-6-slowly-but-steady
  3. I like it too, I will inform our concept artist about this and we'll discuss your concept. :)
  4. I really don't know. :P Every time I continue to model something, I stop after some minutes (5-10, sometimes up to 20), and I'm not modeling/texturing every day... I guess, it took about a week in days, but I don't know how many hours it took. Huh? Previous attempts? You're talking like you saw early wip screenshots... o_O But no, we decided to use a less saturated green, because it the contrast to the sand and red rocks on dune would be too extreme.
  5. Uh... just some request @ Dunenewt: Can you please stop posting using this font? It's kind of hard to read on high res displays, I always have to zoom in to read your posts. :/ You don't have to stop if you don't want to, but really, it's a bit annoying. >.<' Oh, and I'm using red on the pics because I think it's better to see where the housecolor will be.
  6. There's a high possibility you need Kanes Wrath too. :>
  7. Don't know about the triggers, but I don't think it's possible to tell the transporter to fly back to the refinery. Calling a transport on event is no problem at all thoug, but it's useless this way.
  8. I'm sorry but it's not really his fault. I'm the one in charge of Ordos coding, and I just coded from some description text I found, which says nothing about "controling" hit units, but let hit units attack friendly units. Since this is working I told him it's done. I'm currently trying to get some code done similar to KW Mastermind/Prodigy, but I'm not sure if this is even working in TW without the addon. If this is NOT working, we have to do what you suggest (create some new cheap unit for this effect and kicking the deviator, or just modify the deviator).
  9. We may add new air units later, but I'm not sure if there will be some in the first public version. Also, it's not possible to make carryals and harvester work together like in Emperor. Because of this we only have default harvester, but expansions will be done in another way. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to tell you this, so I'm going wait for ccgx to read this post. Not sure about blocking "parts" of the radar. I think it's only possible to deactivate it completely (like nods special power), or completely when the players camera is at a location on the map, as long as he doesn't move to another location. Not so sure about that, since building only on rock is part of the gameplay. Not sure if this is possible. Possible, but I don't think this should be done for everyone, if we even consider to implement this. We were going to use starports of emperor, that's the plan for now. You can continue to post ideas, it's good to get some response to our work and ideas which we may implement.
  10. Shields were hard to implement because of the holtzman effect, but they're working just fine. Uh.. no. Currently I'm using the Confessor code, so hit units are just "confused" and attacking everything in range. I don't think mass conversion from enemy to player is a good idea. And as you said, it may not even be possible in TW since the mastermind is only able to convert one unit at a time, and only as long as he's alive. Don't really know about KW and the new Mastermind, but I still don't like the idea for some basic unit. This may be an option for some specialpower though.
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