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  1. 2 gntlemanartist Well it’s very interesting and unique, especially when we are divided with half of a planet :) When I saw your first concept it was a big push for me. Your design is very simple, very interesting, and very Hi-tech at a time. For me it’s difficult to create something from a blank page. And your design concepts showed me a starting point for scratching.
  2. Actually I meant to stay in concept theme, trying to not move much from it About a contacts Well I think if shmafoozius and ccgx that my scratches are useful they could inform their concept artist. P.S. IMO my work are far from the finish they are only scratches in fact, but the idea and a realization of a model are interesting for some other purposes.
  3. The deployment and a position of joints are the same as in Emperor, the only additions i made are front panels. When beginning deployment panels slides left and right (as in second picture), turret and a joint moves backwards and then up. In the end front panels moves down to the ground for better fixation of a vehicle (third picture)
  4. Actually its very difficult for me to draw the inner side of a front panel, Because I only use pencil and a paper, so this one was left unfinished for better times. For now its too hard for me to draw such geometry objects, im really sorry :-[
  5. Another concept. Ordos Cobra I personally don’t like the front panel, but again maybe it will prove useful
  6. Glad to help you guys. Long Live The modders.
  7. Got bored at work yesterday and decided to draw something. My vision of Deviator, of course inspired by gntlemanartist Maybe it could be useful for some purposes
  8. 2 shmafoozius For how long did you made new Laser Tank model? And question about the texture. Maybe you should try to make texture color greenier (like in previous attempts.) The texture itself looks interesting, but from one side, it should bee more similar to metal plating or armor (not it looks more like some kind an alien creature). And from other side with a little imagination I can see a new version of damage absorbing material in it. Well I can’t tell what is best for now, but it cold bee interesting to see some other tries of a texture.
  9. 2 <b>ccgx</b> & <b>shmafoozius</b> So how work is coming, we haven’t seen any new screens long time. Maybe you can show us something interesting (a new render or something else).
  10. Without doubt Red in this is a housecolor, take a look at this one
  11. And another thinking about Ordos Technology. Most of Ordos units are equipped with shields. We all know what happens when a laser weapon is fired at a shielded unit. It would be wise to have a special button to swich shields off.
  12. Hi everyone, I'm from Ukraine. I was intrested in Dune Games since 2000-2001. At this time not much new from them is created. So I'm looking for some promising projects, that could continue Dune Saga.
  13. You can make some kind of smugglers sub house. This side could utilize previous games weaponry (from Dune 2 or Dune 2000). It could make a good retro effect into DAW. Their units could be slow without any Hi-End weaponry (Just some quads, trikes a siege tank with design from previous games)
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