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Original C&C now freeware!


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Get it before they decide to take it down!

If they release Red Alert next I'll crap my pants.

Seems that other games are free but ad supported

. Ubisoft Titles Go Free On Fileplanet

Also hosted

http://www.gamershell.com/download_20867.shtml - Far Cry

http://www.gamershell.com/download_20868.shtml - Prince of Persia

http://www.gamershell.com/download_20869.shtml - Rayman

http://www.gamershell.com/download_20866.shtml - Ghost Recon

Although it says you need an ubi.com account and must live in the USA to play.

Might want to read digg comments for torrent links


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You know, I actually think of Westwodds RTSs, both C&C and Dune, as a whole, a single series (with the seb-series: Dune, Tiberian and Red Alert).

EA will never realise anything other than what their marketing strategists will come up with. Mostly because it was not them who actually did any of the Dune or C&C games :P

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Well, the guys decided not to bother at all. This is another no-cost move to attract more attention to their new product(s) in the wake of an upcoming add-on to C&C3.

And I can't get off the feeling they've used C&C for profit and now are simply throwing it away as it has depleted its marketing potential.

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And that doesn't do justice to the original game. You're getting a whole lot of people who have not played it (since it is supposed to appeal to those totally new to C&C) into the fray, and these people are probably not going to appreciate the game due to its dated graphics. That's especially so if they're already RTS-lovers (but not lovers of the classic C&C). If they're already RTS-lovers, the primitive mode of play and relatively dull missions will not excite them.

No. No.

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Honestly, for the most part, I'd rather be playing up do date games.  The only exceptions being AoE2 and EBfD. AoE2, because it might be the best balanced game I've played and EBfD because I'm a Dunehead and this game has plenty of eyecandy for me. It isnt' that I don't appreciate what Dune 2, C & C, and Prince of Persia did for the genre...its just that I prefer updated games

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Although this goes a bit off-topic, I'd say I prefer old games, not only because of their historical value, but also because they belong to the "good old days" and evoke nostalgic feelings :) ::) However, I still have the genre preferences, favoring RTS and FPS over other games.

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