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  1. i respect anyone who knows haw to make good chocolate mixes .. either for cakes or what ever. its the way to make 10s of kinds of lovely sweets .. man about that oven its a shame you dont do anything about it . after all its your loss.. you know that? you are missing the good stuff . plus ure mum will be happy with u if u did something about it am sure u and ure bro can do something about that .. am i right ?
  2. I DONT LIKE IT , but i think supreme commander is worse .
  3. its not about time, the kitchen is hot specially here in Egypt . i like cooking but as a work? no way .. ill be 40 in 2 years its too late for me to start washing dishes .. by the way ure food sound a lot like Chinese to me ...
  4. now? am 37 lol .. i already studied accounting . its too late for that . also cocking is hard work and am not a labor guy by any mean... but i just made some nice spaghetti ohh that was easy and nice boil add tomato paste and black peeper and mix . hehe
  5. i think you know in food much more than i do..
  6. mee siam ! try to explain a little ... here is an easy to make coconut cookies : dry grated coconut , sugar powder . white part of eggs .. u mix the white part of eggs with the sugar in the mixer until they make a cream then u add the grated coconut and we forum in a pan graced with butter in shape of cookies and we bake them . its very tasty..
  7. when you have played your first dune rts campaign before spazelord was born ..
  8. well thank you. is that a complement to my cooking or a dissatisfaction with Macdonald's well the truth is am good with sandwiches but i like Macdonald's more
  9. ok a home made quarter pounder cheese burger with eggs quite a big sandwich with French fries and mustard.. yes yes i know uncle Macdonald's dose it better but he dosnt live around .
  10. so is this thread dead? too bad.. anyway all hail general deathand the only player on fed2x
  11. ok the end of the mouth . at Friday 30 10 pm here i go : hello pizza hot .. send 2 large pan pizzas 1 super supreme and the other pepperoni with extra cheese on both and extra pepperoni on the second ... after 1 hour bell rings . i pay 25 dollars and i start the invasion.. i get done with them at 10 pm Saturday yummy . my favorite day of the month sorry andrew ure not invited ..
  12. u are Mexican scar ? wasnt the other borritos thing u made Mexican also
  13. deathand999

    new games

    some new shooters : Gears.Of.War Penumbra_Black_Plague BlackSite Area 51 by midway game spot say this game suck balles
  14. home cooked food i guess. with no meat in it.. right?
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