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Ladies and Gentlemen.... BEHOLD! History in the making!


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Seems my hunch was right, I was just too darn lazy to follow it up.

As for locing yourself out of your account (!) Doh. O Great Gob, cant you change his email address to point to his old one ? I am sure there are ways around it.

Getting back to 10,000+ posts, can you remember your favourite Ak ?

Also, who is next in line to reach 10,000 posts ? Who is most likely to be Ak's partner ?

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::) ;D

Even at this rate it will take 653 days.

My young padawan, I shall tell you the secret: get involved with numerous religious debate threads and post in a manner that beckons people to respond and therefore have more to respond back to. That was back in the day, the height of the bell curve.

My favorite post? ... Jeez, who knows. Oh wait! Here we go:

Why do I keep getting the feeling some of these posts are unnecessary, and only posted to become the Almighty Kwisatch -Haderach?

Ah, the old ranking system...That post was from March, 2002!

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Hey lord of ix, the forums love ME. okay?

Hey number6! Long time no see buddy, thanks.

Ladies and gentlemen, I have something important to say.

...I want to step down from the pedestal. It's too much responsibility (with great power), and I am just one man. That is all.

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