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You know what really grinds my gears? All of these t-shirts idolizing Ernesto Guevara.

Sure, he was a great man and is to be admired for his determination and his actions in Cuba and other countries - but also remembered for the thousands of executions he did for Castro - but why the big fuss about him, with all of these t-shirts, pins, buttons, bags, and so on? What is worse is that Guevara, being a communist, would be horrified to see his image being exploited like this to earn money. Another thing that I detest is the people who don his image without even knowing who he was. I keep seeing these shirts and I have also asked some people why they are wearing the shirt and who he is, and they, for the most part, replied "Because it is cool,"(Or something to that effect) and "I don't know.", respectively. Others have said that they thought he was a Rasta or something or other. The stupidity is smothering!

Face it, people - Che Guevara was both great and repulsive. What is admireable is his drive for revolution in the Americas in Africa, his unwillingness to give up, and his direct action. What is bad about him, though, is that he killed thousands of people in his crusade and executed many more. I don't have the exact statistics, so don't qoute me on this. This craze is reaching the proportions of the "USSR" shirt fad. Red shirt, yellow letters, CCCP and the hammer and the sickle, being donned by some ignorant kid in Latvia, for Chrissakes, a country occupied by the USSR for fifty years. And does that kid know how many people Stalin/Lenin/and their successors caused? I think the figure was around 50 million+. Now, I myself won't try to stop the people from wearing these shirts, since I know(That those with the CCCP shirts, at least) might get their teeth knocked out by the local skinheads, but this blind ignorance and stupidity appalls me! Well, no, it just really grinds my gears. >:(


Summary: Che is dead, get over it! He was a mass-murder just as much as a romantic rebel, and deserves to be treated as such. I could just wear shirts of Hitler, but, for some reason, Che=good and Hitler=bad. Although that doesn't follow through if mass-murderers are cool, does it now?


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Though Che is dead, the most famous picture of him (arguably the most famous picture of the 20th century) lives on as an icon of freedom, at least in my case. I know a lot about the guy, and I admire much of what he did, though I'm against his ideals and his murders.

He showed that one man can make a change.

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Hehe, it seems as I was too vague in the reference to my Che towel (to the point where it didn't exist). "But I was talking about me." meant that I like to have his face on my towel because of the aforementioned reasons.

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Lord Vernius, you don't need to excuse yourself. Lots of people watch porn today, and I think we all can accept that you're one of them. There's no shame to it.

i was wathcing fururama on adult swim

Man, that sounds like hot and furious. Did mrs.arrakis "win" the contest? Or did she have to surrender to the plumbers?

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