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This boring is starting to die....

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Hi all  :) just new to this but thought that with over 300 views and 25 replies this boring (sic)is not dying and there are plenty of people out there who still give Emp a run for its money. ;D

...We all agree with.  8)

But why the "sic" ?

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I'm creating a mod for Emperor, which I hope will unofficially become Emperor II. It's called Palace Wars, check it out in the Dune Editing section, I'll post some screenshots up soon.  By the way, could someone adapt the Emperor logo for me so it says Emperor II: Palace Wars?  I'll send a picture of what I want it to look like but I don't have too much time, and too much skill with doing pictures in that way.

Anyway, the mod.  The basic changes are:

  • [+]Ordos becomes Corrino (which includes the Sardaukar)
    [+]Old Sardaukar subhouse becomes Ordos.
    [+]Fremen join Atreides as they did in previous Dune RTSs.
    [+]Fremen subhouse replaced by House Richese, who specialise in portable and invisible technology (expect mobile war factories and stealth planes)
    [+]Light Factories added so, for example, you can build Buzzsaws and Devastators at the same time.

For Atreides and Harkonnen:

  • [+]5 new infantry for each side (such as Atreides Hawk Warrior and Harkonnen Heavy Trooper)
    [+]new unit for each side (Atreides Arachnid and Harkonnen APC)
    [+]new aircraft (such as Harkonnen Plasma Bomber and Atreides Strike Thoptor)
    [+]Existing units have also been modified.

For House Corrino:

  • [+]Wide selection of new and existing infantry (such as Imperial Sardaukar and Corrino Las-Trooper
    [+]Brand new vehicles (such as Corrino Golden Lion, and Corrino Siege Tank)
    [+]New air units (such as Corrino Guardian)
    [+]New defensive structures (Corrino Lion Tower and Corrino Artillery Platform)
    [+]House Ability: Units can gain up to six veterancy levels.

Each subhouse has:

  • [+]Five ground units (eg Tleilaxu Spore Bomb, Ixian Suboid, Richesian Marauder)
    [+]One defensive structure (eg Guild Mega Cannon, Ordos Deviator Turret)
    [+]A selection of structures (eg Richesian No-Wall, Guild Refinery)
    [+]An air unit (eg Ixian Air Mine, Ordos EITS, Tleilaxu Flyer)

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sounds interesting, especially when ordos / corrino gets new turrets and don't lack rhat much in air defense anymore. as long as everything is still well balanced this would be great improvement imo.

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1. you stole that sig from erjin, this makes you the loser

2. you can't write my name correct, this makes you even more the loser as it only has 3 letters


1.  He stole it from scar, this makes you once again, the loser.

2.  I'm sorry I spelled your name wrong.  I don't know how I could have put vek insted of piece of shit.

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Jeffyboy, please dont trouble my men...in fact, no, you cant trouble my men ;).

As for the mod, good news newt. Give us a shout when you are likely to finish it. As for the logo, what should it look like ? Same as Emp but different wording or totally new ?

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