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Emperor worm help atreides


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im a farily competent player with atreidies(sp) (and i completly owned the harkonen on gedi prime) but that dern emperor worm mission usally makes me lose. i get a good base up and usally end up capturing the harkonen buildings close to my base, but then im rushed by guild-tielaxu-ordos forces and i lose. any help please?

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Yup it was a mistake - sorry I meant the HK factory.

I did it once and could not understand why the ADVCarryalls were allowed through carrying Devestators, which then sat there shooting the worm as Guild units just drove on by! I then realised that the AI did not twig that I could capture the HK Factory, and as it still "owned" the HKConYard, those units must belong to the AI, rather than coming from my HKHanger built by me building a HKConYard!

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Actually its a bit of both - I like playing campaign mode (not good enough to play online and my PC would fall over if I tried) but get bored playing the same units, so these-days I mod the game which allows me to blow up different units and buildings. I then get bored with the mod and it gets tweaked over and again and so on hence the long time the Conflict mod is taking.

In the example above I was trying to beat the Hard setting (standard game) and was trying rather than blow up the Hark base but see if I could capture it. I then wanted Gunships (I hate the ATOrni) so I built an MCV so that I could get the HKHanger. While I was waiting I built some Devestators, so as I sent the Gunships through the TLTurrets I thought about a Dev drop...and hence the above story...

...not the macho way...

...tried that leave the Guild MegaGun alone and try charging down the throat of the enemy while the GuMegaGun blasts you everytime you stop to shoot the enemy...charge of the light brigade all over again!

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Haha oh the guild mega gun was what owned my sardukar, I thought it was the emp worms "telekinetic powers" or something, I had about 100 sardukar and they all died before I got there, Fremen however were invisible and got there easily and dominated that ****y worm.

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I found an easy solution while Harkonnen (Yes, I finally beat it using the NoCD patch :( so no movies). I started with an Ixian Projector, so I hadit duplicate tons of Fedaykin, slid past the attacking units (I ignored my base pretty much), and spread my Fedaykin out (so the NIAB fliers blasts won't kill too many) and owned the worm in a single attack.

Projectors are the way to go. The AI even tries to Hawk Strike my projections. What a fool. I dominated Caladan using almost only projections of minos and missile tanks.

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set ur defances with

first step missle turrets near base entering spot

sec step set some minotours and reapir tanks

3 set sardokars for fire support

when setting ur deances train 15-20 fedaykin warriors

make some sonic tanks too, use ur sonics nd light equip and engace the enemy

when ur tanks kepp bussy ur enemys,

use ur fedykin squad and enter to deeps of enemy teritory( hold fire when ur talks make bussy them) and find emperor worm

------ set ur fedaykins to 5 different location then start to attack to emperor worm when enemy patrols see u just pull back for a sec ( remember fedaykins are invisible when hold fire ) after patrols give up start to attack again.

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