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  1. man ppl working on mods for much diffuculty embfd but ur lookin for trainer...
  2. Lastgoyo i lowe ur writing style bro because its looks like my style lol.
  3. serhankhan

    any idea?

    im looking for games like freelancer, space sim. ,can be online but must be old lolo cause my old friend cant work with fakın pixel monster games, still using gf mx 440 with 128 mb :D. freelancer, freespace2, dark star one does someone know any oter games of this kind.
  4. think ur setup files broken, u hawe to download again from trusted link.
  5. enable ctrl key from game options.
  6. old games rules, all of old games has some problems with new tech, ur prob. maybe about dx or vista, cause think ebfd cant work with dx10.
  7. hello there, can someone send me ebfd setup files with mail or msn eheh.
  8. i see some screenshots about new dune game " dune generations " is that mmorts? and when released?
  9. i cant speak good english but i sure u ppl can understant me easly i was read first dune book when im 15 i was 15 and i was working on hard works i never have toys i never have familiy i read to dune and i was hawe good atmosper i was hawe some ideas about honor,politics,religion,"real" friends i was hawe wery poor poor and hard life im 20 years old now im strong i hawe money i hawe gfds i hawe real life becoz i was read dune dune is wery important for me important from god becoz god wasnt help me when im child, i wast pray him but he never ansver me and i was understant i was try to stay alive and strong some day, i was trying to find some book, for go to far avay from real word and their fakıng bad ugly fith and i was fpund dune i was read and i was reborn with dune i wast hawe mother or father i was working on some jobs ( more 3 ) i was read and i was find some thinks good about life, like honour, like atmospheere, like nwm im going to universty now and working to some part time job im re,gain my life im strong now universty,new life , gf, job, strong body and mind dune was my best "reinforcement" i was cry lot of times when im child i was cry for my father and mother i was cry for fakıng inogreing bad not helpfullş hatefull ppl i was cry full fakın hard life i was cry for anythink like this becoz i didnt know how to i survive but i was just read it i still hawe dune atmosphere on my life and im strong i hawe healtly mind and body becoz dune and poul atreides with me hahha maybe u guys will lounght when read this but if u launght i can know u ppl hawe easy life ( sorry for bad englizh ) nwm
  10. i hawe few questios 1 can i use iq pack with camping mod/landsraad camping mod 2 what is choam ( i was read just 1th book so i dont know what is it ) 3 with iq patch can 2 player play against 6 hard iq player online ( its can be wery funy ) thx alot for landsraad mod
  11. i can enter to ra server now but i still hawent any options there becoz not any players there..... where is evrybody btw im from turkey about 12 hours difference from usa and 2 hours from uk
  12. there is lot of tactics for this u can use fedaykins, if enemy using scouts fadeykins will die so u hawe to use air strike, remember ornitopters and gunshps cost less then devastators and can build faster than devastators u can make deevastator guard bussy with some air strike and hold fire staying avay hit & run units when guards trying to reach ur hit & run units u will drop some ( like 2-3 ) apc with adv carrys ( combine anti tak troopers, sardokar elites, fedaykins vs ) but drop tyhem to out of devastator rance and multiple locations ( 1 to south 1 to north vs ) its will be easy then kamikaze attack.
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