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Dune 2000?


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Why not, it can't be that expencieve anymore.

And it depends. Do you like RTS games and Dune ? Do you mayby have a "old" computer that isn't capable of running Dune Emperor ? Than you must buy the game :)

( we have a great stategy section on the game here :) so you could look at that first and deside if you like it, and I mayby shouldn't say that but it looks a lot like the first Command & Conquer's )

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Havn't seen it in stores myself for a long time. But than we do live in the same country :)

Mayby in other country's it's still availeble.

Just as you can by the compleat Command & Conquer series ( well the first 3 ) in a box for a small price. About E 20.

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Well of course the game play is different also the graphics are not as well done as the PC version. I have heard alot of people dislike the console version (PC ports always sux) but it's really a matter of opinion. If you want the best buy the PC version but if you have a PSX give it a try the game can be found in the used section for about 10-15($US).

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