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  1. Everyone who wants the source code say something! ;D ;D
  2. Jk

    Dune 2: Scenario 1 bug

    It hasn't worked even once for me. :(
  3. Jk


    Reminds me about when I blew out a power supply on a comp. ;D
  4. Jk

    Dune files

    I've checked both places and downloaded ALL of the Dune II files I could find. The on
  5. Jk

    Dune files

    I'm searching for Dune II files and stuff for an upcoming webpage which I'm currently working on. Right now I'm looking for these files: Stephan Hendrik's mapmake and Dunedit 2 Trainers and textfiles
  6. I just found out the story behind the dofferent names: Dune II version 1.0 : The building of a Dynasty Dune II version 1.07 : The battle for Arrakis I dunno why westwood changed it to 'battle for arrakis' in the 1.07 upgrade...
  7. Nevermind. It works now.
  8. I totally gree with that. Nothing wrong with the gameplay in RA2 itself, but the graphics are WAY too cartoonish!!
  9. The copy I have is called 'Battle for Arrakis'
  10. Can't wait for Renegade and Tiberian twilight!! ;D
  11. Jk

    Dune 2000?

    I haven't got any computer to run emperor on. And I'll buy dune 2000 once I get the money. Also, RTS games are almost the only games I play... ;D
  12. Jk

    Dune 2000?

    Should I buy it?
  13. I can't play Arrakis in Win95!! I get a weird error saying: "object can't be reached in module ARRAKIS4 at offset **can't remember** Press any key to return to system" The biggest problem is that I can't return to system! I have to reboot using reset. Ctrl-Alt-Del doesn't work cause then I get a 'Memory Test Fail' error when booting.
  14. We didn't have Dune II. I played stuff like 'Blues Brothers' , 'Prince of Persia' and 'Rick Dangerous 2' Great Times man! ;D ;D
  15. Jk


    Nevermind! ;D I found it. Had to go to... qb45!!
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