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Well, it's that time of year again.  I'm sure you've all noticed how slow the server has been lately, Davo just can't keep the Dungeon's inmates moving fast enough to power the bloody thing.

So, we have too options:

1)  Pay for a new whip for Davo to use to encourage the Dungeons Denizens.


2)  Pay for hosting on a new server.

So, what are we looking at? Well the plan is currently to move to Dreamhost on their Code Monster plan which would cost us $14.95/month if we pay for two years. The problem? Well I'm not exactly made of money and Mahdi has only promised to send along the $1.12 which he found under the tattered camping blanket he uses as a bed.  That was supposed to be his cardboard sandwhich money.  Now he's going to starve.

Because of this we are opening up the floor to donations to help offset the cost.

Moving to a new server will bring a number of benefits over our current setup. The most obvious being improved speed of the web server but there would be a number of other improvements behind the scenes as well. If you are interested in helping out please contact Gobalopper about it and he will fill you in with more details.

Thanks, from your loving Dungeon Overlords; Gobalopper, Mahdi, and Davo.

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