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ROLEPLAYING (a repeat point)

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I agree with Del, win-lose-or-draw I just like to play for the sake of playing. I enjoy the game environment, Dune is just awesome. I don't like to host cause I don't wanna pick teams, it's like handing out a death sentence, usually my allies :P So when I'm in a room I don't mind feeling like that fat kid with a gimp leg always picked last on dodge-ball, the way I sees it is if you can pull of a win with me as your ally you must be good, that or I was just playing while drunk again. ^-^ Its amazing what a lil spice beer does for the morale!! Ya Hya Chouhada!

(no i wont drink more just so's we can win *hic*)

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goin to re install emperor today probeble will play it sometime after the chrismessssss day's or if I can get online earlier keep you posted

p.s. sorry for the delay in posting bussy bussy

and a girlfriend so go figur ;)

see ya


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well go and see on the messenger thread, took some searching though had to switch to a totally differnt book and the name of the biggest bastard but I'm in

working out the details now to gets sterted

thanks to Erjin

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well got me a little problem; when i try to login i get

bad password

(and yes I entered the correct password)

can not find anything what I should do though

xwis works at least I think...

well everything is connected as it should be so what to do now?

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don't knock it 'till u try it.  I was on in teh wee hours, and i see this gunner guy hosting.  so i go in in he starts talkin bout "you wanna try a new way of playing emperor?"  so he tells me about this role playing and i tell him I don't think it'll stick but sure lets try one.

game starts:

30k so i make tons of minos and drones and start lookin around.

I see gunner make a apc some sards and some atr inf.

he puts the atr inf in teh apc and moves his sards to a choke point.

all this time he is telling me not to attck and for me to let his scouts get a good look around.

then gunner drives his apc over to the choke point with the sards, and says:

"Sardaukar Guard: You must pay a toll to pass!"

"Atreiadis Commander: We are on important state business.  Step aside or face teh wrath of house  Atreadis!"

by this time im bustin a gut.  barely able to type, I move my minos to the "toll" and say:

"Huh?! Mino's don't pay toll!" and kill everybody.


by this time i have a stealth mino, so im walkin it to his base and he says:

"We wish to open up diplomatic negotiations with you."

and since he didnt make much of an army, I say:

"Invisible mino's don't negotiate with terrorists!"

and kill everything in sight.


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It was pretty odd trying out an rp like that. Lol.

But I must admit, roleplaying in Emperor might get a little slow-moving (and boring too) if:

1.) You're using a very small map (we used Aprit Charad, or whatever the name is)

2.) You're playing only two players (more people --> more watching --> more action --> more story)

3.) If there is no AI (it's possible to have a good rp with no AI. But AI can help spice things up)

4.) If there is no great variety in houses and subhouses. (greater variety means the storyline element can be expanded much greater. For example, instead of Atreides wiping each other out and sardaukars receiving toll, you can have sardaukars being approached by several house majors for diplomatic alliance and each house tries to sabotage each other. Halfway, the Guild itself might want to 'borrow' some sardaukar)

Have fun!

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And did you like the role play with gunner or were you bored out of ur brains that you could not take any more of this? 8)

I really cannot understand that if you get say ... 3 let alone 4 players to take part in the roleplay. ??? Sometime during the rp there will be someone rushing a base and not bothering to adher to roleplaying procedures (probably everyone but you gunner, hehe) :P

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I see it as some what like playing co-op get 3 or 4 ppl and fill rest with AI, the you can ally and break treaty's as need to wipe out AI n stuff.

I have always been a fan of the co-op, wish I could find someone to play it with on a regular basis.

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u know i think i know where this dude is comming from

often when playing rts iv found myself trying to do something even though it would be my death, like in emperor id build massed sardaukar just cause it looked cool, or hit and run with fremen while the enemy builds overwhelming force. hell i spare enemies i could kill alot of times just cause i think itd be cool if they came back.

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I once heard this guy talk of playing commando, no that doesn't mean playing without underwear, it was something like you take a few sard elites out with a squad of regular sards and try to keep them alive while your ally keeps mass producing stuff. I don't see how well this would work see as if your only controlling one squad of troops unless this was supposed to be inf war only, kinda like the campaign missions, although the idea is pretty cool. I've always liked inf/air wars, but someone is usally a prick and builds saws half though. ::)

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I could see something like the commando thing working if you turned the guard feature off on your units. As it is your enemy doesn't have to see your units. Once the units get close enough the units auto fire on any approaching enemy. So turn off the guard and make it a must see/must shoot situation. That actually sounds like it may even be fun!

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I may be wrong, and will be corrected if so, but can't you after placing a building set it to make all units come out with guard off? I am certain it is so that way you can move all your freman with guard off so they don't shoot at every thing. Is it as simple as selecting the building and hitting G?

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