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  1. Xano

    Sadja Path


    Tileset » Arrakis Release » 2005-07-30 Players » Eight Map Size » 256 * 256 Additional Info » The Ixian have been conducting experiments in the remote area of Sadja Path. Their program, Genesis, is still a mistery but there are suspects that Dr Bell is working with these scientists. The Harkonnen have long gone but their presence is still noticed. Word has spread that this program may change the fate of Dune...
  2. Xano

    Hidden Village


    Tileset » Arrakis Release » 2005-09-14 Players » Four Map Size » 256 * 256 Additional Info » Welcome Commander, our intelligence tells us about an old Fremen village hidden in the mountains. It has been a refuge for these people fleeing from the Harkonnen bloodsheds. There is activity in this area, once controlled by harkonnen. Your mission is to find this village and protect it by all costs; an alliance with the Fremen could be done easily. Conquer this territory!
  3. The notepad is the problem, it damages the xbf files! I can already do the right thing with cygnus and so the Ordos silo and Ordos Helipad are something like this: The Hk_repair pad doesnt do anything...isnt it possible to change something? I remeber JulesG managed to make the Scavenger perform as an ADVCarryal, isnt it possible to make it repair units...like the Atreides Repair unit? Well, thanks for the help [attachment deleted by Gobalopper]
  4. Managed to get another Free edition of cygnus and it works, I ll try out later on the xbfs. ;)
  5. This time I tried to use just the AT_Silo_H0.xbf as its the basic xbf and the hk repairpad only has this xbf and works. So I downloaded the =AT_decowalls_128.tga to textures folder and changed the AT_Silo_H0.xbf line (using notepad) and also changed the =AT_decowalls_128.tga to =A_MCVPnl1_128.tga. Didnt work either, the same error. I guess notepad corrupts the xbf files... :( Ill try to get an hex editor. XBF viewer doesnt do that task properly right? The thing is Cygnus has already passed the trial version... :-
  6. Ok, so I did what you said: - Created 3Xbf (of course always in triple - H0, H1, H2, H3 and HC) of the spice silos, each for a House and renamed something like OR_Silo.xbf and so on. - Put them on the 3ddata/buildings folder - Changed the artini so the game goes pick these Xafs (OR_Silo.xaf) and not the AK_IN_Silo.Xaf - Tried them ingame and they all worked but with the appearence of incidental of course - Then, used the Dunex beta to download all the textures all searched for the =..._decowalls_... and the =..._smoothdome_... (... are the HK,AT and Or and 128, 64 and respective Damaged textures) and put them in the 3ddata/textures folder - Opened the OR_Silo_(H0, H1, H2, H3 and HC).Xbf with notepad (dont have another tool to do so) and searched for the names of the textures to change: =G_MCVPnl1_128.TGA and =!08%glass0.tga (I knew these were the textures as I remembered them and I saw them in Photoshop), found them in all of the Xbfs. 1st Try: - Now, for the first try, I changed both textures names to =AT_dwalls_128.TGA (=G_MCVPnl1_128.TGA ) as this was the name I gave to the texture, and dont remeber the other but I know I screwed that cause didnt add the = and the name was much different - Tried in game and: game froze whed loading, escaped and had a XANADULoadXBF invalid header and a C++ Runtime Library error... 2nd Try: - Went to your page and saw that one should use the = if in the original texture and not change much - Created new Xbfs and named them, deleted the old ones - Renamed the texture =OR_decowalls_128 as =O_MCVPnl1_128 and renamed it in the OR_Silo.XBfs (changed (=G_MCVPnl1_128.TGA to =O_MCVPnl1_128.TGA), even managed to use copy paste as its only a letter and I didnt want to screw again Tried in game and: the same damn error!!! >:( but this time the loading bar went further. lol What am I doing wrong?
  7. The silos look like this: They are incidental and so they dont have the regular house textures... [attachment deleted by Gobalopper]
  8. Ok, I managed to make the hk repair pad available to build but it doesnt make anything...I guess isnt finished as many other structures. Looks something like this: Could someone change the Hk repair pad and make it repair units? Also, I was wondering if someone ever tried to change the skins of AK_IN_Silo so we can have 3 types of silos each for a House? What kind of program can do that easily? [attachment deleted by Gobalopper]
  9. The whale is really a whale and appears in the caladan levels in the sea. Is it possible to make the SMStarport available to build? I managed to edit it many times but it never appears in the buildings tab and I think Ive done everything right. The same with the IxianRefinery. But if I capture the SMStarport, It lists the purchase options of the starport but the purchase button doesnt work and I cant sell the building either... But if I capture the SMStarportand then build one of my own (ordos for instance) and then sell the ordos starport I can use the SMstarport as a Starport(!) and the purchase button already works. I would like to be able to build the Starport and the Ixian refinery. Also, managed to list the HKRepairPad and the OrHeliPad in the buildings tab but when I try to place them and set the place the game crashes... Ive read these structures arent complete but is it possible to build them?
  10. Well, as I said, im in. :) Anyone else to join this type of game?
  11. Some servers detect changes in files (cheats)and these are blocked so they cant enter server; but the servers never block users that use mods cause some servers are created to different types of games. In the Emperor case you can always use mod because you dont have either ranked servers and even if you did the mods are not cheats and besides that, as I said before and Erjin as well
  12. Well, I dont see things that way. :) Like in many other games you can make changes cause you bought the game and these changes are not illegal. You are not making money with the mods... you re just creating other type of fun that already is available in the game. So I guess its no big deal. I remember playing Medal of Honor and there were MANY thousands of players online and maybe hundreds of mods... and there was never a problem or advise from the company. Now Emperor never had thousands of players online... Even if there was a problem, where is Westwood and any support for the game!? :D There is no problem. Just check the download section and you will see how many mods this game has... lol
  13. This is a question I have and I hope I am right... Is it wrong or illegal to edit the rules.txt and use it online? Like all the mods out there are edited stuff, including the rules.txt, right? So there is no problem right? We can even download mods and a rules.txt to edit in here so there is no point in being wrong... Im making this question cause someone asked me this.
  14. Dont play online since last summer but I never played much so nothing new! lol ;D
  15. WOW!!!! :O What happened here?! Hidden village was downloaded 701?!?!?!? Last time I checked it was behind Sadja Path (599)...and it was just a few days ago!!! I guess the map is making success! Im amazed...the map isnt that cool! (I think...) ???
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