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Ah,you support Bush,correct?


*Guns down Christ with a Vepr,kicks him around,and then spits on him*

Burn in hell.

OOC:And if you're not a Bush supporter,I'm sorry,but your smily implied to me that you are.

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Bush won the popular vote by over 4 million. Say what you will, be he is truly the legitimate leader of the United States now. I just wonder what that means for all of us... Kerry probably wouldn't have changed very much, not at all, but, what does this mean? Be honest, too. Saying things like "armageddon is around the corner" is more or less crap. The worst possible scenario, as I see it, is just more of the same. The last four years in replay.

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You're right.  Armageddon is too narrow.  This is more like a Wrath of God or Decree of Anihilation, maybe.

Hope ya'll like the military.  I think I'll be packing to move to Sweden now.

I mean think about it: This power-hungry maniac, with NO RESTRICTIONS on what he can do.  He controls the House, he controls the Senate, and soon he will control the Supreme Court.  We WILL BE in Iran by March.  Anybody want to put money on it?  Abortion, gay-marriage - banned without exception.  Hell, why stop with oppressing gays?  Hispanics, blacks, asians, registered democrats - internment for everyone!  I'm thinking marshall law is just around the corner now, along with the new and improved® draft of both men AND women.  (Sure, he said he wouldn't do it, but BULLSH*T.  He said he wasn't going to run for president back when he became governor of Texas in '98 too.)  And don't even bother talking about the 2008 election; the US will be a psychotic totalitarian dictatorship by then.

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I'm beginning to believe what Duke Leto said USA would look like in 2008...

people in 2000 said it would happen in 2004 ... people in 1996 said it would happen in 2000.... you get the point.  Predictions are like assholes..... everyone has one.

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