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I ordered the Aion CE as well - definitely going to be playing it.  It's not really comparable to WoW in any meaningful way, but the Open and Closed betas were both very good. :)

SW:TOR is shaping up to be the real "WoW-killer" - very much looking forward to it, since I loved the KotOR games.

Diablo 3 and StarCraft II are also very eagerly anticipated on my part - not so sure about SC2 being three games, but can't fault anything I've seen of D3 so far. :)

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Starcraft looks beautiful and sounds like it will be satisfying to play, but I've heard alot of uncertain things about it that are not so good.  I need to play around with a friends copy and check out what editing tools they provide, and what the multiplayer setup is like before I'll be certain.

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Alien Swarm was released yesterday, a free full-featured top-down shooter made by a team in Valve. Played 5 minutes of the game and I like it so far, with cool graphics and the marines sound Starcraftian.

You can play it as a FPS as well.

Alien Swarm Can Be Played As a Terrifying FPS

Damn Valve, trying to get people hooked on Steam with cheap/free games.

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