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2-Weekly polls?

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could you please make a poll about:

"which single-player mission do you like most?"

- Standard Attack Missions

- Standard Defend Missions

- Atreides Mission 4 (to free the frigates)

- Harkonnen Mission 4 (destroying the frigates)

- Ordos Mission 4 (poisoning the air ventilation system)

- Atreides Mission 7 (rescuing the duke and fremen)

- Harkonnen Mission 7 (war amongst the brothers)

- Ordos Mission 7 (rescuing draconis from the tleilaxu plague)

- Invading Giedi Prime

- Invading Sigma Draconis

- Invading Caladan

- Final Mission

my favourites are Atreides Mission 7 & invading Giedi Prime with Ordos

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There is no limit anymore in amount of options for a poll. And I think you meant maximum ;)

But a poll should never have too many options, or the amount of votes will be too less compared to the amount of options (like that every options only gets 1-2 votes)

But I will add the poll to the list (there is enough time left to discuss about which options to use for that poll)

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Some suggestions:

1.) How much are you willing to pay for a sand bike via starport (or any other unit)?

2.) If your enemy is capable of producing 20 mongeese and rocket turrets, how many EITSs would you send against him to take out his construction yard?

3.) What's your favourite armoured infantry? (choice from flamethrower, mortar infantry, both sardaukar, contaminator...)

4.) What's your shortest time spent in eliminating a single AI/human player?

5.) What's your favourite level 3 vehicle? (APCs or flame tank; can try with other vehicle levels)

6.) Which scout is your favourite?

7.) Which scout has the coolest picture?

8.) How many AA mines would it take to match up against an air drone in terms of cost-effectiveness?

9.) Have you tried playing only the subhouse (building only sardaukar barracks and sardaukar)? Which?

10.) Same as 9.), but including how many of such production facilities have you built? Did you win?

11.) What's your favourite singleplayer crate (leech, ixian unit, sardaukar, etc.)

12.) What's your favourite one-shot-kill (aka sniper but not really sniper) infantry? Atreides Sniper, Fremen Warrior or Imperial Sardaukar? (Imperial Sardaukar Elite and Tleilaxu Contaminator not included)

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{New poll posted)

That are quite alot of suggestions.

But maybe you should review them. Alot of questions are not really poll questions, but more some kind of quiz questions.

These are my thought about those questions:

1) - A little bit too detailed. Maybe you can make the question cover more then just starports and sandbikes.

2) - The question has actually nothing to do with the situation you are in (you can send EITS at any time)

3) - Fine question.

4) - Maybe limit the question to human player?

5) - Fine question.

6) - Differences between those scouts are not (or hardly) noticable. If there are differences...

7) - Could be done, but maybe more pictures to choose from? Or compare icon-sets (Harkonnen vs. Atreides vs. Ordos)?

8) - Same as with 1)

9) - This seems impossible, since you need Harvesters/MCV's etc. anyway.

10) - I don't understand the question.

11) - Can be done.

12) - Can be done.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Meaning that only 2 questions need to be picked out of that list?

Holidays are over, and it is time to get back to my study. Meaning that I will spend more time at FED2k :)

The next poll question is:

"Do you get rejected for online games?"

Options would be?

- Often

- Sometimes

- Never

("Always" seems unlikely to me)

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  • 3 weeks later...

Next poll coming already.

Question would be:

"What else have your read, played, or seen?" (besides Emperor)

I expanded the list of options a bit.

Options would be:

  • Read Dune
  • Read some of the other books (besides Dune)
  • Played Dune 2000
  • Played Dune II
  • Played Dune I
  • Seen David Lynch's Dune
  • Seen FH's Dune miniseries
  • Seen COD miniseries

Any more?


corrected "series"

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Umm, don't forget an option that is for if you have done all of the above.


Maybe board games, card collecting, action figures and who played Dune Jihad ;).

Checkboxed would be a good option because people would have done multiple things.

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Poll systems are not that complex. You cannot set one up to rule out any other if chosen. So it will be an x amount of options, and an x amount of votes to cast per member. The same reason goes for why "None of the above" is left out.

But it is only one "serie" right? Or do you just always say "series" anyway?

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Such an option is unfortunately not possible, poll options can't be altered specifically. Only global settings can be changed.

Otherwise you wouldn't have an error-proof poll. (e.g. People could vote only one other option, and the "all" option)

erjin, I promise you will have more votes then guests have...

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Excellent, I think I deserve that becuase of how much I put back into the community. I am glad someone recognises my efforts and hard work. Its not easy, never getting appreciated. You're a good person timenn, whatever all the other staff say about you. ;) ;)

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  • 2 weeks later...

Then I will always stick to "series" from now on.

New poll posted.

erjin, if you make sure that you have played, seen, and read everything, then you can cast 9 votes. And that surely will be more then the average person on the earth can rightfully vote (without lying)

But don't forget, I have the power to add a tenth option, and increase the amount of votes.

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  • 4 weeks later...

I have been absent for some days, but here is the new poll proposal:

Which singleplayer mission do you like most?

Maybe this question should be asked a little bit different, so that you would pick your favorite type of mission:

- Standard Attack Mission

- Standard Defend Mission

- First Mission

- Highliner Mission

- Own Homewold Mission

- Enemy Homeworld Mission

- Emperor Worm Mission

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