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ordos is a region

Guest sardaukar

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"Corrin, Battle of: the space battle from which the Imperial House Corrino took its name. The battle fought near Sigma Draconis in the year 88 B.G. settled the ascendancy of the ruling House from Salusa Secundus."

~Terminology of the Imperium

I am considering taking up the Ordos/Fremen/Sardaukar combination now hehe

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Shaddam those are some pretty favorable combinations. Now if I had a choice I would go with the Ordos-Sardaukar and Guild. Since with the Ordos ( which I think is a more flexible house when it comes to sub-houses ) you can easily use very clever strategies with the Guild in combination. Now Atreides ( no flames please ) I feel is not going to be all that great. Espically when I wield the almighty hand of Harkonnen on their butts :).

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now dat i never knew about.......kewl now im more smater then b4 hehehehehehehehe

sad with fremen are the best while fiting on dune...although on other planets......um....id go with sad and ix

but hey dats just me!!!!!!!!!!

weird :)

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