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  1. Hey Mithrandir That what you said about when the game takes place is wrong, you said 200 years before the novels, westwood said that it takes place in 10190(they said it to that it takes place 200 years earlier)but the 1st novel takes place in 10191. so 200 years is incorrect.
  2. Hey everybody, will there be a map editor for Dune Emperor?? And if so, when do you estimate its release. Thanks
  3. I am glad you guys get my point.
  4. Correction of the date in Emperor. It sucks You know
  5. Here is the answer to the question from WW's own FAQ : 2. When is the game set, in terms of its relation to Dune II and even Herbert's novels? The game takes place roughly 200 years before the original movie, "Dune," and just after Dune II. It's important to remember though that Emperor is its own game and can be enjoyed not only by fans of the Dune universe, but newcomers to the franchise and to RTS games as well. No previous knowledge of the Dune universe is necessary to play the game. Here is the proof people. And that doesn't say that I am not going to buy the game, no, I am going to buy it, but westwood should think first before writing a FAQ. Greetings Every Body, and remember House Atreides is your best friend.
  6. Indeed Fremen will win in such a battle, they grow up fighting
  7. Yes it's true I looked it up and it is true, it is in mongolia with capitol : Hohhot
  8. You guys should download the FAQ on the official Emperor site, it says that the game is 200 years before the original story. And I'll say it one more time : The game is in the year 10190 and the original story starts in the year 10191 now count 10191 - 10190 = 1 That means that they screwed up there timeline numbers. The rest I don't care, but hey, come on, WestWood should know better. If they want to make a game about dune - No Problem If they don't want to follow the original story - No problem if they are saying 200 years before the original story - No problem But if they say 200 years before the original story in the year 10190 (while the original story is in 10191) - Big Problem GET IT
  9. Thank you Sandwalker, I knew I was right
  10. So even the movie is in the year 10191 that still isn't right with WestWood. EXPLAIN THAT
  11. No couldn't find. But about TV Where are the miniseries?? on what channel?? etc.??
  12. naib

    Dune Miniseries

    Hi, I liv in holland and I wondered where I can find the dune miniseries. does anyone know???
  13. I don't care if they follow tha stroy line of the novels, but they could have taken some beter year and not one year before the novels, because then it isn't Dune ( that is my oppinion) it should be much more years before the novels, I read them all so after it is immpossible, because Atreides doesn't excist at the end (they have to do the game more before the novels than one year). I'd like to hear what you think aboput it.
  14. Well then, if they want to keep there story right than they should take another year and not telling every body that it takes place 200 years before the movie takes place while it is one year. No there story isn't true.I know they want there own story and I know it is to late to tell them but they should know that this isn't right!!, they are destroying THE REAL DUNE, I think there are more fans that agree. I am a FAN that played all dune games, I started when I was 6. So I am sorry to bother you Jesse, but I just wanted to tell the world that this isn't right. I tcould be right if the took other houses and other planets of the empire, like (if it is wel they want to let it is in the same time of Shaddam I)Theta Shaowei or Salusa Secundus or Some planets of the tleilaxu. But no the had to make a incorrect story almost ( one year distants )parralel to the REAL one. I hope those BEEPERDEBEEPS of Westwood also read these message boards, because they are deleting messages on the message board of Dune Emperor on the westwood site. And I hope that in the future they first think and ask the public before they start building another dune game. And one more thing, those units aren't real for the DUNE UNIVERSE, so WESTWOOD I HAVE ONE MESSAGE FOR YOU : Mu Zein Wallah
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