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  1. Same problem as ordos45 here. NO ONE WOULD WANNA IMPERSONATE ME ANYWAYZ.
  2. The way most people build AA defense the chance of that working is slim to nill...
  3. Well you could consider them the remnants of house Corrino.
  4. True, games are here to relieve our stress wether it be school work, girlfriend problems... And for those of us who are older, marital troubles :)
  5. I personally don't like EB4D's multi as much as I would like to. First of all the main problem is lag, but as with any 3d RTS this is expected. The game runs really good on my comp, never slowing down for anything, so multi for me is unplayable... you could say that I've been spoiled by having a good comp. However at times its tolerable, fortunately the games action is fairly fast paced. But unless the lag is cleaned up, I think I'll just stick with Red Alert 2
  6. Plain and simple... Makers suck, they are the dumbest unit ever invented in an RTS game. NIAB tanks however rule.
  7. Actually building lotsa unit producers don't help, the bonus is only up to 3 barracks, warfactory etc. So don't go nuts.
  8. Yes, if you help them out they will join you, strangely enuff.
  9. Yep pretty much. Just cut them down where they stand.
  10. Yeah, but a question what happens if you lose all your barracks? Do you lose the elite bonus? Its never happened to me before- yet, and I don't plan on having that happen when it really counts.
  11. Las Tanks rule. Westwood should seriously tune them down a bit for the sake of balance.
  12. Yeah Westwood's gotta fix these annoying problems. This isn't on LAN but its on the net, thats not in the net but on LAN. God what were they thinking
  13. Emperor and latin don't mix.
  14. Funny I haven't seen that happen before, normally the AI fights me down to the last windtrap (Litterally).
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