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What's your favourite unit?


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What do you mean by

Ordos Saboteur was only invisible in certain versions of the game

? Do you mean the versions for different systems or what? (yeah I know the topic's kind of old, but the Dune II discussion is overall progressing at a slow pace ;))

Well, as for favorite units:

Sonic Tank has a devastating weapon with a very good range, but still a pack of Devastators will probably be more efficient, BUT not unless they face an Ordos army with Deviators that may enable the self-destruction of these deviated Harkonnen monsters...

Looks like the Harvester's the best :) Collects Spice and squishes infantry.

BTW, do you know that the Deviator in Dune II works that way that it changes units' owner to Ordos, and not to the Deviator's owner? I found it out when, playing as Harkonnen, captured the Ordos factory and intended to use the Deviator/Devastator attack team against the Atreides suckers (mission 8 ). That was a kind of nasty surprise to see AT units just become OR ones :O

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did not know that. I dislike that the deviator only turns units into urs for a period of time though ;) Never made the deviator that useful really imo.

Best unit ever: Rocket Launcher

Worst units:

Fremen support


they suck big time compared to the special weapon of Harkonnen/Sardaukar

thats why i fixed THAT issue in my version of Dune :P

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Now now, I think the deviator (vs. the comp as there was no mplayer) was the best of the three special units. The sonic tank was realy good, the devastator was good but I think it wasn't special enough (it was more like an extra powerful siege tank). However with the deviator i've managed to beat entire missions by using enemy tanks to kill each other and kill enemy turrets.

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