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  2. please people...I can't find it anywhere on google or anything... at least give me the list of files on the disks in list form per disk example: DIsk 1: file one, two, three, four, etc... Disk 2: file one, two, three, four, etc... get it? Please I jsut want to install the ORIGINAL version of this game!
  3. I cant find it. PLEASE SOMEONE GIVE ME THE LISTS!!! lol...I just lost an ebay auciton for the game...and I'm upset...
  4. I like the sonic tank, but the devastator and siege tanks in Dune2 are really good. I dont know the siege tank is more intimidating I think.
  5. I own the original dune 2 that was released in '92, but someone deleted all the files off of my four disks. Does ANYONE have the original version? If so, please make me a list of which files go to which disk, so I can copy them and put them on the disks that came with my game. I just want a functioning ORIGINAL version of this game, not the cd remastered one. PLEASE HELP ME ZIP each individual disk if u have to, so I can download them, Please? Help a brother out -Mike
  6. AH!! I have the original disk version...but someone erased all of them...can anyone zip all the disks separately so I can reput them on them? PLEASE?!
  7. I think homosexuality is genetic. You can't just go from liking it to not, you can't go from not liking it to liking it. Unless of course u need attention. I think men are more genetic than women in homosexuality
  8. I have no idea how to get this to work. I downloaded the two links and it says error: I may need to upgrade to run them. I dont get it. I just wanna play dune2k online...i cant...any help?
  9. I thought EA bought Westwood and scrapped Dune....? That's what I gathered considering u can't even find a dune game on their website anymore... and they took down dune2000's online gaming. along with emperor's i believe.
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