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  1. As Cm_blast said, the AI in the campaign maps do not expand their base, only rebuild pre-placed buildings. How ever you can edit the mission and make the AI Merc's behave like they do in skirmish if you edit the AI section. I also was frustrated with the Mercenaries deserting my cause so I deleted the events and conditions that made them surrender :)
  2. Awesome, thanks grunt. Love the buildque
  3. Yes you are right, it is not loading the .ini files. Hope to see mvi incorporate it into a new patch, I really enjoy using the build que
  4. Ok I think everything is working order. I was just worried that the different .exe files would not load the same files as the latest patch release would. I was concerned if the files such as rules.ini would be read from custom patches such as the build que and it looks as if they do.. Thanks for the info funky
  5. Hey everyone, I really enjoyed using the build que's patch developed by MVI : http://forum.dune2k.com/topic/26702-release-build-queues-patch/.. How ever I recently downloaded the latest update of gruntmods edition of dune2000. I know I can run the build que patch by creating a seperate .exe file, but does it use all the same functions as the latest dune2000 release? Or must the build que be implemented in the latest release?
  6. Kloflac thank you so much for your hard work. This editor is exellent! Its nice to have an all-in-one program. Its simple and easy and your AI updated allocations are excellent!
  7. It sounds like it is a directory error. I know you said you selected the right one, but are you sure you selected the folder that contains dune2000.exe and all other data files?
  8. Oh ok, makes sense. It looks like if its just a value of 0=dont build when under attack, or 1=build while being attacked. Another one I was looking at was protectstrength and defendstrength, Im guess protect is for the harvesters under attack and defend is for units defending base?
  9. Awesome work. I was wondering on some of the values and what they actually mean. The Emergencybuildrate for example, what does that actually pertain to?
  10. As MrFibble said lopicko, show your errors, would be happy to help
  11. Didnt even notice that. Ill use that next time. Thanks for the info Feda
  12. Hey everyone. I recently completed work on an Emperor campaign. You take control of the Padishah Emperors forces and try to force off 2 other houses along with their allies to give control of the spice planet to the Baron and control spice production (Taken after the original Novel) Please be advised that these are only V1 missions only for the time being. I figured Id at least release the V1 missions at the moment and then complete the V2 to get some feedback first. Somethings to note: -I suggest you use a program such as TibEd to give House Harkonnen use of the Imperial Palace and the Sardaukar, being that these missions use the Harkonnen index. -I tried to make these missions more on the difficult side and create a challenge for veteran players. -If there are any errors (Map design, Mission Editing, Messages) Please note it in this topic, I would like it to be complete. -Leave any feedback in this topic on what you thought of this. Simply place the mission and map files in the mission folder, and the Text file in the data/UI_data folder. Backup your files first. Requires Subhouse fix. Emperors Reign.rar
  13. Sounds good Feda, Im also working on a campaign for the Emperor house so there's still some contributors out there :)
  14. Got it, just asking cause I wanted to apply the subhouses fix with the build-ques
  15. So far no crashes, great work!. I was wondering would you mind sharing how you fixed the "string" error? What tool did you use?
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