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Kaitan's War


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It is the Duniverse... but a long long time ago. Muad'dib is but a Bene Gesserit Calculation, and so are his parents. The Fremen still collect spice to bribe the Guild and the Great Houses of the Landraad still bicker amongst each other and with the Padishah Emperor.

House Corrino still holds the Imperial Throne, and recently the Emperor invited several representatives of some of the most powerful Great Houses to Kaitan in order to show them just how strong his grip on power really was. The event was his 25th year as Emperor, and he celebrated with 'War Games,' pitting his Sardaukar against any who would dare challenge him.

Not all went as planned though. Midway through the games, the Emperor recieved news that a single house on the edges of the Imperium has gone renegade, and its fleet, for its own reasons, was heading for Kaitan. Not wanting another Salusa Secundus on his hands, the Emperor at once orders all of the participants to summon extra forces to defend him, while simmultaneously gathering a massive army of his Sardaukar to wipe out the renegade house before they even get close. The army was huge, gigantic. It was unfortunate therefore that it was gathered in a specific city that suffered a rather major earthquake. Very major. The city itself was left in ruins, the bulk of the Emperor's Sardaukar gone. Of course he still had massive reinforcements, but these were scattered across the Imperium and across Kaitan. He had to call on the Landsraad for help, and those houses that were on Kaitan swiftly responded, crippling and then destroying the invaders.

And then a third misfortune reared its ugly head. It seems the renegades were not as stupid as they seemed. While distracting the Imperium with a massive fleet aimed for Kaitan, a far smaller one departed for Junction. The atomics on board have destroyed vast swathes of the Guild planet, and the transit of the Imperium has, for the moment, ground to a halt.

Kaitan. Home of the Emperor, seat of the Imperial throne. With the Guild out of service for the forseeable future, it is now in a state of anarchy. Nobody knows who started it, though most lay the blame on the Moritani representative. Someone made an attempt on the Emperor's life, and then full-scale war broke out...

Ok, this is a fic that I've been playing with for some time, but Ex/Rookie helped me steer it into a sensible direction so he gets half the credit. After the assassination attempt, each of the houses on Kaitan accused the others of treachery. While their Dukes, Barons, Counts, Viscounts, etc sit oblivious on their own home planets, their ambassadors and diplomats are fighting for control of Kaitan. The Emperor is weakened. With most of his Sardaukar either absent or dead, this is a golden oppertunity to topple house Corrino.

Choose a House. You will be a diplomat or ambassador, not the leader of the House (unless you choose the Emperor). You are on Kaitan and must decide what you did when things got nasty. Did you stick to the starports, hoping that the Guild would be back soon? Or head for the armouries, or food stores? You cannot contact your homeworld, you are trapped on Kaitain. But always remember... you do not know just how badly Junction was damaged. The Guild could be back in working order at any time. And when it's back, the Emperor will have his Sardaukar back.

Hmm. Not the best into I've ever written. I must be out of practice.

State of Affairs on Kaitan

The Guild- Retreated underground following onset of violence. Cannot be reached.

CHOAM- All representatives in hiding or have found protection.

Bene Gesserit- Disappeared. Possibly left planet before disaster.

Great Houses- Battling.

Houses Minor- Dying.

Swordmasters- Unknown. Expected to join battle soon.

Mentats- In hiding.

The Emperor- Battling.

Tleilaxu- Battling. See below.

For myself I take the Tleilaxu, all of the other parties (except the ones in white) can be taken. I'll wait for a bit before actually starting to see if any interest is shown.... Reading back over that intro, I realise just how out of practice I am, it's really not good at all. I'll try to edit it later if I see the point.

Any questions? ASK!

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You can, though you don't have to. Why would Ix have a large military presence though?

As for your colour Anathema, I meant it to be lighter, more sand-like. Seems I failed though. Meh.

Ok, the Tleilaxu...

The Tleilaxu were not present for the War Games, they were merely on Kaitan as an embassy. Once the skirmishing broke out however, they quickly took advantage of it. The Tleilaxu took over many servent's quarters, and already have a sizable army on their hands. Rumour has it that they have been hiding some of their flesh vats in Kaitan as well, for the Tleilaxu population is far higher than originally thought...

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Depends on you. We should really have someone to play the Emperor but in the absence of anyone let's just say we're fighting with limited forces against each other. I'd start it off myself but I'm a bit pressed for time and I don't know how long I'll get to stay online.  :-[

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Ok ok, so and what does the emperor do? Do all houses fight each other? Or do they fight the emperor? Or does the emperor try to keep the houses from fighting each other? Being a Harkonnen I should be an agressor!

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Now since I'm my own house, I can choose my mode and such. Please clarify one thing though, Dusty: When you say fight someone, do you mean unleash armies, go to an armory and get a gun, or argue politicly?

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Let's say a maximum of 5000 for a Great House (all named houses), 3000 for a House Minor (all invented houses), 500 for the Swordmasters, 500 for the Mentats, and 5500 Sardaukar for the Emperor.

Having said this, remember that the swordmasters individually have great prowess, so 500 of them will be quite formidable. Also, since they are not a rival house, they will be able to recruit civilians faster (I'm not going to set a rate, but try to keep it reasonable, eh?), as can the Mentats. The Tleilaxu also currently have approximately 500 units, and are capable of 'recruiting' faster than the houses.

Finally, for the sake of peace in thread, can we all refer to the planet as Kaitan please?


Better get started.

The face dancer Jared slipped along darkened corridors. He currently wore the skin of a minor Corrino official, a tall but flabby man who had recently learned to his detriment that inviting small girls inside was not a good idea. Jared had taken great pleasure in the expression of his face as the 'girl' had choked the life out of pasty body.

Still, Jared was a face dancer and he was more than capable of turning even this sagging bag of flesh to his designs. He had already secured a whole new host of females for the underground chambers...

The three figures in the room turned as Jared entered. He nodded to each of them in turn. The Masters of course, Xiatl and Fjah, with their squinting eyes and pointed teeth; and the face dancer Yvard, currently wearing the body of a Sardaukar of some sort. Rumour had it that Yvard's next ghola incarnation would be a Master, which explained his presence here. Rumour also had it that Yvard was one of the Tleilaxu working on a process to restore original memories, but that was nothing new. The Bene Tleilax had been trying for centuries and met with no success.

"You have a report, for us?" Fjah hissed. Jared bowed to the Master, and nodded.

"A servent's building, rounded up and taken." He reported. "The males have been killed and the females... utilised."

"And the other powindah?" Xiatl asked patiently.

"Reports indicate some disarray in the house ranks." Jared told the master, "They have not yet made any large-scale movements."

Xiatl and Fjah glanced at each other for a moment, and then Fjah whistled a piercing few bars. Jared slumped where he stood.

"Return to the surface." Xiatl told the face dancer, "Continue your work, do not draw attention to yourself. Send others to investigate the other houses."

As Jared bowed his way out a few minutes later, Yvard glared after him. Or, he thought to himself, technically 'it.' He himself was technically an 'it' as well. The thought irked him, and it was only a small consolation that the very fact he could think these thoughts put him above his fellow face dancer. He cleared his head, and with a nod from Xiatl, set about organising the fledgling Tleilaxu army.

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Mind me being the Emperor?

Some questions also...

1)Is the whole Kaitan one megapolis or there are numerous cities and one being the capitol cuty on the capitol planet?

2)How big is a Legion in Duniverse?

3)Ranks of th Sardukar...thanks

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