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Kaitan's War


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1) Kaitan is very much like Earth. Several continents, an ocean or two, many large cities, one of which is the capital.

2) *Shrugs* You've got your 5500.

3) You can't use 'em all against one person because another will just take advantage of it...

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Emperor Faris XI is now meeting a Caid in the throne room. Everything seemed like routine, except for the faint blue glow covering the Emperor. Shields. After the assassination attempt that had almost took his life, he learnt, and knew that he must be more careful.

"Report the status, Caid." ordered the Emperor.

"5500 men, and all Bursegs on Kaitan are either killed or is still under the ruins." reported the Caid, half-knelt in front of the Emperor.

"Even less than half a legion," said the Emperor, with a slightly sorrowful tone, "and now even Rhienhart is gone..."

"A honorable men, and perhaps the most capable Burseg." commented the Caid.

"I will give him the best funeral after we've dealt with the situation, but now," a servent walks towards the throne and hands the Emperor a box,"Caid, come forward."

The Caid walked forward then got into half-knelt position again. The Emperor stood up and removed the content from the box. A Burseg's helm.

"You shall take Rhienhart's position now. It's of his last wish and my own decision. You'll now lead 1000 men to take all communication facilities in the capitol. Anyone who shows the most minor sign of repulsion, kill them."

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Ambassador D'Newt for the Great House Vernius surveyed the scene.

'Send forth messengers to locate the Emperor's men and request an alliance.  However report back immediatly at the first sign of the filthy Tleilaxu scum'

The Bene Tleilax were greatly untrust worthy in the eyes of the Ixians.  Many Ixian Spies had been lost on the Tleilaxu homeworld (OOC:What's it called).  If the Tleilaxu got to the Emperor first there could be big trouble...

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OOC:I think it's something like Xuttah or Xuttuh for the Tleilaxu homeworld...

The Comm stations, rado stations and broadcasting stations of the capitol were all under the control of the Emperor. Most of them were either unoccupied by any houses, or is just in hands of house minors, which there troops were no match for the fearsome Sardukars.

From these facilities the Emperor ordered his men to track down on any communcations on the planet, and made broadcasts.

Announcement to all houses:

The use of Holtzman shields is now prohibited for all houses unless permitted. All houses shall hand over all shields to the palace in 5 posts time, or shall be considered traitors against the Imperium.

The Emperor also wishes to meet the representatives of all Houses.

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"The Emperor is demanding shields? What does he take us for, suicides?" Jared smirked to himself, currently wearing a tall and attractive male form. "We give them to him, we are lumbered with a critical disadvantage. We don't give to him, we become... 'renegade' to the Imperium."

"We could say that we are afraid of attack, and cannot hand them over." Another face dancer supplied. Like Yvard, this one's genes were rumoured to be near to becoming Masters. If so then it would have to stop taking female forms all of the time. Currently it wore a slim, bespectacled blonde form.

"Never miss an oppertunity." Jared replied, "There is a useful situation here. Have this message delivered to the Emperor..."


We paid for our shields. If you want them, you pay for them.

Sincerely Tleilaxu.


[hide] You could make quite a useful profit here if you started shield manufacture here on Kaitan. Think about it, you hand over your shields and then make some more in secret... We would be prepared to pay for a cut in this plan but not overmuch.

Regards, Bene Tleilax.[/hide]

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A number of house minors had already followed the Emperor's orders to handover the shields and send representatives, and their men are now under command of the Emperor(OOC:Don't worry, I won't god mod and use them).

"So these are all those that had agreed to fight under the Golden Lion?" asked Faris XI as he scans through the list.

"Most likely, Emperor. I'm afraid to say that most houses didn't fell under the taunt." replied the advisor.

"So we're now quite clear of who's the enemies now," smirked the Emperor,"How is the progress of the order that I've issued?"

"Minor progress. There are more underground tarvens then we've estimated."


A small squad of the Imperial Sardukars lead by the Burseg arrived at another tavern.

"So this is the 12th...or the 13th we're searching? The Emperor..." moaned one of the troops.

"Beware of your words, private." warned the Burseg.

The only men in the tavern are the Sardukars and the owner of the tavern only. The Burseg walked forward to question him.

"Had there been any suspicious personnels taking resident here?" asked the Burseg as he stared right into the eyes of the tavern owner.

"No, Burseg Sir," answered the tavern owner calmly,"After this havoc had broke out, we're out of business."

"I see...Please inform us if you see anyone suspicions around your permeis." said the Burseg and turned around.

"Yes, Burse....arrgh!" before the tavern owner could finish his words, a kris went right through his throat. Blood was gushing out and the sound of air going through a hollow could be heard.

"You are a lousy actor, swordmaster. Too calm, to be exact. No citizens on Kaitan would be so calm even at the slightest presence of us." the Burseg moved forward, then pressed and twisted the kris to end the swordmaster's misery. "Colonel, get your men to surround the building. I don't want anything, even a fly, to get in or out! And private, yes you! Get back to the ground car, and inform the Emperor for more men, move!"

The Burseg then moved forward and actiavted the announcement system of the tavern.

Message to the Swordmasters:

[hide]This is Burseg Alexis. You're now surrounded. Do not attempt any act of foolishness and we won't go agressive. Under teh order of the Emperor, I wish to meet your leader at the lobby. I will come alone, unarmed, and you may bring any weaponary and any number of personnals.[/hide]

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"An interesting turn of events." Simon said calmly, listening from the windows of the tavern. The face dancer slipped into someone more comfortable, and muttered into a small device at his wrist.

To Swordmasters:

[hide]There is a face dancer hiding near to you. If you desire he will take the form of your commander and distract the Sardaukar, or die. His uses are great but he will only do this favour for you on condition that you allow some negotiation between our factions.

Sincerely, Bene Tleilax. [/hide]

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OOC:Will the Emperor please respond...

IC:'Sir, we've recieved a message from the Bene Tleilax'

'Is it a formal declaration of war?'

'No, Sir.  It's a...'

'I don't care then.  Dispose of it immediatly. We also will not hand in our shields for a few days.  Get our scientists here.  I'm sure we can set up a primitive shield to guard our HQ.  After we have done that, we will hand in a token amount of shield.'

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Meh! Just lost a major post because of those stupid time outs.  >:(

I've been out quite often, but I can post fine now. This will be the shorter version of what I typed earlier, and lost.


On this planet, Kaitan, a massive battle erupted, causing many casualties, and effecting much of the forms, shape, and species that take up the population. All ambassadors from outter planets and houses. Among these houses, was the minor house: Evg` De Avaial. The homeworld of this house was a peaceful, earth-like planet, with many living capabilities. Kaitan was very new to them, but they soon adapted to this planet as they always have. On this planet, the Evg` De Avialian ambassador, Iva Ick` Yavuna was the first in command for the tiny force of 2995 troops. They originally had 3000, but 5 died from an unsuspected friendy-fire incident. These troops and their

make-shift leader were unsure of what to do, so they're holding tight.


Iva Ick` walk quickly & smoothly down the corrider of their hasitly founded HQ, where the men of Evg` De Avaial call "home". Iva Ick` quickly checked on his 2300 heavy shock troopers, 600 rocket

infantry, and engineer group. Some soldiers were out on recon, hence the surroundings were unfamiliar to them. They were trying to make a hasty map to direct around Kaitan. With no means of transportation, and unsure with enemies, these troops were pretty much swamped. Yavuna then quickly turned left, and glided down a flight of stairs and into the officers quarters. An offiers meeting was scheduled for right now, but only one officer, the 4th in command was there, Abya Saytuno.

"Where in the holy mother's name is everyone, Abya?!" Asked Iva Ick` bitterly.

"I dunno, sir.." Responded Abya quickly, "I guess the officers are out rallying troops, the morale has seemed to droop lately."

"Ah, ok." Said Iva Ick` tiredly, "Dismissed, it's better then sitting here through another boring

meeting anyways. Go off and do something constructive.."

"Aye, Aye sir." Responded Abya absent-mindedly.

"I guess we all need to find some way to Hell in the end, this as might as well be ours.." Added Iva Ick` sourly, "I doubt we'll find a way to get out of this mess, this is nothing compared to those skirmishes we had back"

Abya sighs and walks out of the room..

"We're all damned." Says Iva Ick` under his breathe. "Maybe we'll live to fight another day."

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Burseg Alexis was alone inside the lobby, unarmed. Of course, his men were outside the room, ready to take action incase anything fishy happens. There was no responce for quite a long time, then...THUND!

Part of the wall of the room collapsed, obviously a hidden door. Out of the rubbles revealed a men with bulging muscles, blood-shot eyes, with his mouth wide open screaming. The men charged for Alexis like a berserker, swinging his long sword as he closes. The Burseg barely dodged the blow, then graps for the wrist fo the blade holding hand of the swordmaster. To his surprise, the swordmaster showed monstorous strength, and instead flung the Burseg to the other side of the room, breaking a chair in the process.

"What the fuck? The swordmasters were strong, but never THIS strong!" muttered Alexis as he pulled a few strands of shigawire and tied to the both ends of a leg of a chair, tehn pulled strongly for a few time, making a makeshift "sword". The swordmaster charged forward again, with his sword above his head, ready to deliver the fatal blow.

The attack hit the wall instead, and jammed the sword. Alexis took the chance to slash into the wrists of the swordmaster.

"That was...close." Alexis was panting as he turned to try pull out the jammed sword.

The swordmaster is now handicapped. Blood gushed out from the wounds lika a geyser. However, the swordmaster remained aggressive and sneaked upon Alexis, trying to bite chunks of meat out of him. He is aiming directly for the artery on the neck.


If the private arrived a second later, Alexis would be history. Swords penetrated the body of the swordmaster from all directions. The swordmaster cannot moved, but was still alive swearing and screaming.

"Burseg, are you okay?" asked the private as he hands him the shield belt and weapons.

"I'm fine. Glad that you've come in time." Alexis straps on the belt and activates the shield, "How is the situation now?"

"They flooded out from everywhere, espically fromt the tunnel at the rear." replied the private, "We were slaughtered. We just falled infront of them, it's...it's just impossible! We still came to a drew at the wargames!"

"There must be something wrong...so where are they now?"

"They've escaped after blowing up the tunnel."

"Account for losses. Then dump any possible prisoners into a ground car." Alexis then points to the dying swordmaster infront of him,"Including this. Get a medic to keep him alive on the way. Set the ground car to autopilot, then rig it so that if they try to escape that the car would self-destruct. We need to inform the Emperor on this." ordered Alexis.

=Sometime later...=


"Yes Emperor?"

"You have faced one of these...beasts solo. Tell me your opinion." requested the Emperor.

"Even if I would lose honor in doing so, I must admit defeat against them." explained the Burseg, "Something had happened to them, I don't know what, but obviously not by training or weaponary."

"Mentat, what do you predict?" Faris XI turns to the mentat.

"I suspect drugs or body conditioning...like turning into cyborgs, Emperor."

Faris XI closed his eyes and thought for awhile,"Send this message to the Ixians. And...this to Evg`De Avaial."

Message to House Vernius:

[hide]I wish to summon Ambessdor D'Newt. He may come in armed escorts.

Emperor Faris XI[/hide]

Message to House Evg`De Avaial:

[hide]My men had reported the presence of your troops sneaking around the capitol. I request an explaination.

Emperor Faris XI[/hide]

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Simon peered around a modest heap of wreckage. The swordmasters had made use of the majority of his supplies, and had then declined to take him with them. He sighed. Sometimes people were so ungrateful. Slipping quietly out from the mess, he wandered over to where the Corrino forces were packaging their casualties. The medics were busy keeping the captured swordmaster alive. Simon was fascinated by the reaction this particular man had had to the drugs. It was supposed to boost physical performance and mental performance, not one at the expense of the other!

The face dancer watched one of the remaining sardaukar carefully for a few seconds, and then casually slipped into his skin. He walked quietly up to the man and around in front of him.

For a moment, the true sardaukar did not notice the face dancer. When he did, he froze in shock for just a milisecond.

This was more than enough for Simon, using the inherant speed of the face dancers he snatched the man's weapon from his unexpecting grasp and fired a single shot directly through his forehead. As the sardaukar collapsed, Simon whirled around and dispatched the two medics with similar efficiency.

It took him several minutes to strip the sardaukar of his uniform, wearing it himself. Not long afterwards, both the live but cataleptic swordmaster and the dead sardaukar were lying on the suspensor platform, disappearing into some mist that had appeared with extraordinary dramatic timing.

"The Ixians want nothing to do with us." Xiatl growled. "If they're going to send spies then what do they expect? That we would open our doors to the blasted powindah?!"

"They are attempting to curry favour with the Emperor, but are not complying completely with his demands." Jared reported, idly wondering how fast the master was.

"No matter." Xiatl muttered, his tiny eyes shifting left and right, "For now we have enough to work with. And we remain well hidden."

"Perhaps too well?" Yvard suggested, wrinkling his nose.

"There is no such thing." Xiatl hissed.

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"Ahem..Sir" Coughed Plogeza, "We have a message from the Emperor."

"Mmmmm, well thats amusing." Replied Iva Ick` with more enthusiasm then before.

Yavuna straightened up in his chair.

"Well give it here, will ya?!" Replied Iva Ick` hastily.

Iva Ick` read it quickly, then read it over again.

"Hmmm, They want to know why we have troops out on Recon?! For goodness sake, all they are doing is making a damn map." Says Iva Ick` "Give them this note."

[OOC]Note: This message is ONLY for the ExSPlug to read, and NO ONE else.[/OOC]

[hide]We don't want any conflict, we are just making a map of the area to guide us around the planet, this is nothing compared to what we expected, and we have no major radar, or communication system. Please discard your worries of us attacking the capital.


                                                      Iva Ick` Yavuna

                                                          Ambassador, Evg` De Avaial[/hide]

"Oh, and also, give this message to the Bene Tleilax." Said Iva Ick` cooly.

[OOC]Note: This message is ONLY for the Dustie to read, and NO ONE else.[/OOC]

[hide]Dear great leaders of the Bene Tleilax, me, Iva Ick` Yavuna, and the rest of my people stranded on this planet would like to have a meeting with your officials. You may bring how ever many people that you need, troops, weapons, anything for your own safety. This meeting could then possibly develope into a good alliance, according to how it goes.


                                                    Iva Ick` Yavuna

                                                          Ambassador, Evg` De Avaial[/hide]

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Ambassador D'Newt arrived in plain clothing with minimal security personnel, wo were also in plain clothing.  The Palace guard at first did not let them in but after D'Newt demanded to speak to the Emperor the Palace Guard checked with his superiors and after a quick confirmation, they were let through.

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Faris XI is replying to the message from House Evg`De Avaial. Just as he finished doing so, Ambassdor D'Newt arrived.

"Greetings, Emperor."

"Please raise, ambassdor." replied Faris XI,"There are two reasons that you're summoned."

"Yes, Emperor?"

"Bring them forward, Burseg." Faris XI gestured for the Burseg.

Two swordmaster prisoners tied together in shigawire were escorted in by armed Sardukars, the palace guards of the Emperor to be exact, the elites. One was in complete madness, while the other was erriely calm.

"This is the first reason that I summoned you, ambassdor." Faris XI points to the two prisoners, "My men had captured them in a battle a few days ago. Do you notice anything special in them?"

"They don't look normal. They're just like...psychos. I'm afraid that I can't find a better word." replied D'Newt.

"Alexis, explain it to the ambassdor please."

"Yes Emperor." Alexis stepped forward, "Ambassdor, according to the diagnose, they were drugged. An unknown drug which had increased their prowness by 300%. The only difference is that the one that is screaming now had taken some other nacrotics."

"I want House Vernius to provide me the best medical equipment possible to find out what's that drug. In return I would permit the full-scale use of shields by House Vernius, freely allow the presence of their troops between the ranks of the Sardukars, and allow ascess of all facilities in my hands to your House." said Faris XI as he ordered the prisoners to be dragged back to the cells.

Message to House Evg`De Avaial:

[hide]Reasonable. However you may put a stop that now. A map would be provided to you from the Imperium Royal Library. You shall remain your troops at your HQ.

I wish alliance with House Evg`De Avaial. We would provide you a comm center in return, and allow legit use of shields by your house.

Emperor Faris XI[/hide]

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To House Evg`De Avaial:

[hide]Negotiations may take place. Keep in mind that the Tleilaxu do nothing without extracting a price, and we do not wish those who desire an alliance with us to cuddle up to another faction while we talk.[/hide]

To the swordmasters:

[hide]Another face dancer supplier can meet you soon if you require it. If not, we shall remain hidden.

BT. [/hide]

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"New negotiations with the swordmasters have proven most profitable." Yvard smiled, announcing his latest breakthrough. "We are fulfilling our half of the bargain as I speak..."

Having made his delivery safely, Simon wandered around the inner halls of the Corrino palace. It had been ridiculously easy to get in, they were guarding all the wrong places. Doors, yes; windows, yes; convenient architecture, yes. Simon's entry? No, no they left that well alone. And after a quick wash the face dancer was more than happy to bask in his cleverness.

He had brought a large number of his kin into the palace through the same entry, and after splitting up they wandered back and forth.

Shifting into the guise of a senior Sardaukar commander, Simon sent several messages to confuse the Sardaukar in the field. He made sure they were verbal, and added an extra one that required a doubling of the palace guard, drawing in more troops that would otherwise have been a hinderance.


Jared wore the guise of a minor maid in the kitchens. He happily pranced alongside every dish, mixing the deadliest poisons his masters could concoct with the flour, sugar, and water. He sprinkled it all over everything and then happily danced away to do the same to the water pipes.


"The swordmasters have requested that we make life... difficult for the Corrino." Xiatl muttered, "We do not know or care why, for we are being well paid. A considerable number of face dancers have already made their way into the Corrino palace, and the surrounding areas. And as we all know, they are undetectable."

This raised a few smug smirks from the surrounding Tleilaxu. They all knew what the master was talking about.


Yvard and 17 other face dancers converged on a specific point. There was a brief conversation with someone not entirely visible... and they were gone.


Justin wrinkled his nose as the smell of burnt flesh reached up his nostrils. To him had been given the job of disposing of the bodies. After moving into the palace, the face dancers had lost no time in quietly removing one member of the below stairs staff each, to hide as. Justin had taken a minor gardener, and as such was now burning the evidence along with a heap of weeds. He muttered to himself, and started heaping soil onto the ashes.


"Even now the Corrino are in confusion and chaos." Xiatl grinned, showing his pointed teeth. "We have done well."

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